John Lurie’s "A Fine Example of Art"

Today I got to meet a the name of John Lurie. If you never heard of this hip cat….he has been in countless films including my all time favorite “Stranger Than Paradise and much more.   His ultra cool artwork is listed in the Criterion Collection TV show “Fishing with John”.  John was even in “The Last Temptation of Christ”.
John has been around the art scene most of his life.  He was even in that whole NYC Warhol scene back in the day. He was here in LA promoting his new book, a collection of his finest paintings.
To quote Steve Buscemi:
“John is one of my all time favorite artists…There is something about his paintings that speaks to my unconscious that I don’t quite understand, yet understand completely.”

Please try to check out his book or even his films and music.  That’s right, his band “The Lounge Lizards” are some of the best avant guard jazz you will hear on this planet.
Have a great weekend world!

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