Top Ten reasons why Sarah Palin won’t be America’s VP

1. She is NOT Hillary Clinton. (Did someone say a female Dan Quayle?)

2. Why would any mother want to run an entire country after just having a special
needs child? This says she really wouldn’t be there for her children,
and is quite selfish, especially during those early developmental years.

3. The population of Alaska is 1/4 of the population of the city of Chicago….
It’s like saying if I have run a small hot dog stand in Fenway Park I am
now qualified to run Microsoft.

4. State government is a whole other ballgame as opposed to federal. Republicans
would argue that VA Governor Tim Kaine (D) was a possible VP choice, but
he wasn’t picked for obvious reasons.  He just couldn’t do the job.
She can’t either.

5. She and McCain would both rid women of their rights that they are provided
for in Roe vs Wade.

6. She would make off-shore drilling abundant in every available spot in America.
She wants to destroy Alaska let alone if she took hold of the
rest of America. She literally thinks Polar bears aren’t worth saving.
7. She avoided admitting to her “Bridge to Nowhere” (The Bridge Story is here! ) scandal.  If you are in
office and make a mistake, please own up to your own mistake.
If not, you really have no character.

8. Being equivalent to Mrs. Brady won’t make her qualified to run America.

9. If the old man McCain dies, (I will remind you all he is 72 and just had
Cancer.  He is in effect on his way out.) we would all have one clueless
Mrs. Brady in office.

10. She is a desperate ploy for an old man who needs female votes, minority
votes, and Hillary votes….We Americans are not that stupid or shallow
to vote for him just because he now has a woman on his ticket.

She’s not hot, not hip, progressive, or smart, or anything worth noting. She kills animals in her spare time and is so, so lame. I’d sooner vote for Paris Hilton than her.

The Real Danger of going Green

Dangers of going green? What?
You are probably siting there thinking did Carmelo watch too many documentaries, or maybe he’s become a Polar Bear hunter?
Nope. I recently started biking more often to save our planet and my own pocket from getting thinner and thinner. The end result is that I got hit by a car on my own residential street….correction, hit by an SUV. No major worries though, I was just winged and knocked down, but not out for the final count. I have just been out of commission in the physical fitness sense, unable to move run or bike :(.

Mentally, it’s not the greatest thing for one’s psyche to have that physical manifestation of the fact that hey, we all can be deleted if enough careless drivers ban together in one scary demonic car ride.  Think of the movie Transformers or go back and think of Stephen King’s Film Maximum Overdrive.

But rest assured the Decepticons didn’t get me after all.

Just one small woman in a big SUV, your standard LA stereotype.  If I had a nickel for every small or short person in LA with a big scary car, I’d be quite rich.  So no, unfortunately I will not be running in the Nike Human Run this Sunday.

The real dangers of going green in such a car-based city like Los Angeles is there are too many careless drivers and not enough bike or running paths.  It wasn’t the first time some careless driver nearly ran me off the road.  So please be aware of those people with the smiles on their faces biking and running along the side of your car.  I won’t say it again.  Just open your eyes, Los Angeles!!!

What can I do but now but eventually get back on the ole bike or dust off my running shoes and try to stay healthy in the land of fake boobs and fake health awareness.  This all was already a task to do considering I was just barely getting over my other medical condition i.e. ‘shin splints’ (caused by excessive running). Oh well, I must just try to train and forget about it, pushing forward as always.

Hopefully next time my efforts to stay “green” by not using my car will be rewarded by courteous drivers and not another trip to the ER. Thanks!

Why Giuliani is Still a Moron…..

(Taken from Yahoo News)

“She gave a great speech last night,” agreed Giuliani, who failed in his own bid to carry the Republican crown into the November 4 elections losing to John McCain.

“Why isn’t she the vice-presidential candidate? Why isn’t she the presidential candidate?,” he added, once again picking at the Democrat’s wounds while many Clinton supporters are still distraught at her defeat.

He said on Fox and Friends he had been convinced that Obama would pick Clinton as his running mate and, “I couldn’t understand why he would organize a convention to give the Clintons two nights and then diss Hillary as vice-president.”

My Take on it and him:

Why aren’t you a VP or Presidential candidate yourself, Giuliani? The answer is…because you are an immoral snake in the grass. I don’t want to write a super long blog about this bozo who only did one thing right in all of his political career: he did his job during 9/11…but honestly that’s no reason for him to run my America or my New York for that matter.

Please just go look him up and you will see all the terrible things he has done.


Or check out the eye opening documentary on our former mayor here:

Giuliani billed the great people of NYC tens of thousands of dollars, in funding for most of his affairs; (Note the plural form…there were many affairs he had aside from him marrying his second cousin, which is so very gross!) He billed the City of NYC i.e. dinners, hotels, and more…all for his own philandering.

He is the biggest supporter of, historically, the worst president the United States of America has ever had: G.W. Bush.

This is all I will say about Giuliani and his long-winded rhetoric.  Let’s not let him or figures like him ruin our Democratic National Convention.



I Saw Jamie Kennedy’s Homies and they aren’t that tough…..

I am joking of course, and I was just referring to Jamie Kennedy’s movie, “Malibu’s Most Wanted”-a movie about rich kids acting like “gangstas”.

The other day in Beverly Hills, I was ‘almost messed with’ by some Beverly Hills High school ‘gangstas’. (I know this from their BH High-school shirts they were wearing.)
‘They walked right in front of my car blocking me for a few moments, then stared me down like we were old cell mates in Chino State Prison.  Are you kidding me?   Lucky my old street instincts didn’t kick in, and I didn’t jump out and get crazy on them.  Instead, of course, I just chuckled it off..until I really thought about it later that night.

It was almost amusing to see these stereotypes of rich kids of many different races and ethnic backgrounds ‘playing ghetto’ and walking that proverbial walk. But then again it was kind of sad. Do these confused kids really need such a ‘wall’ up and or image to survive the mean streets of South Beverly Drive and beyond? Nope, but that’s the reality of today’s world. Image, Image, Image.

Teenagers today are just as confused as when I was one, if not even more. They are spoon fed images, ads, MTV reality shows, and other pop influences that all probably make them think they have to act a certain way or other kids will laugh at them and call them ‘soft’.  Maybe now being rich isn’t that cool unless you are Paris Hilton or some other lost rich boy or girl.  I think the rich are often self-important, bad drivers, and even worse when it comes to self image.

Point #1:

Learning balance and self worth for being one’s true self is hard, whether you are rich or poor, funny or serious, or even normal or weird.

I myself grew up being ‘weird’ and around money in the wealthy suburbs of Connecticut. In my late teens I left that comfort of money and suburbia to live in a real city. In the end I wound up hanging out in some of the toughest neighborhoods in Boston. But tough is all relative depending on whether you know those people in your ‘hood’.  I won’t bore you with stories about the gangstas’ I used to know.  That’s not today’s story.  I will admit though, it does take time to learn to be yourself whether it’s in the mega malls of Beverly Hills or the Projects of Boston.

Point #2:

Money isn’t such a big deal.  Money might just give you a little more freedom and a little more leeway to be more impulsive, but it can’t buy you self worth.  I have had friends who were worth millions of dollars that weren’t half as happy as my broke yet happy homeless street friends.

Point #3:

Self worth is worth something that is necessary rich or not, whether you play a role or yourself.  All we really have is self-worth: so make it count. We as human beings have short lives, so please don’t waste those lives trying to be something forced and not natural.  What I’m saying is: just be.

To quote my favorite graveyard epitaph from the late great Charles Bukowski: “Don’t Try.”

It might take a while to find that self worth, as it did for me. But in the end it will be the thing that frees you more than the mighty dollar, or that even mightier than that silly-looking Gold chain.

But who really knows except you…yourself.

Peace all-