I’m not a racist but……

………………………I saw a play about it.

Please go check out the famous The Actor’s Gang’s newest interactive play, “I’m not a racist but…..”

Here is a link:

The play will raise some questions for everyone. I’d recommend going to see it, sooner than later as right now it’s in some cool developmental stages, and its very experimental at the moment.

The new super old building is a great new home for Brent Hinkley and Tim Robbin’s awesome acting troupe. It’s a great old theater building with more history and character than I care to explain.



Why Rachel Getting Married kicked so much ass.

This film went where many do not go when it comes to family gatherings and family cliche “reality”.  The utter dysfunctional bliss portrayed here should win some serious awards, in my opinion.  As far as the cast goes, Anne Hathaway finally went to a higher plane of acting, and a higher level of performance than we have seen from her to date.  Rosemarie DeWitt plays Rachel, and some might recognize her underappreciated face from the hit show “Mad Men”.  She was also a real powerhouse in helping with the struggle of her and her sister Kym’s unbalanced emotional balancing act.

The live music played over and over again throughout the film is a special treat and at times, and torture at other times.

Rachel Getting Married very much screamed Jonathan Demme by the stylistically documentary-like world of wonder that he often creates.  To me, this is his first real film of substance since his Oscar winning “Philadelphia”.  Demme has suspended the fake Hollywood world surrounding mainstream films just for a moment to help us all realize that yes-the family black sheep is more than just a few sight gags and cheap cliches; they are people too.  This film goes way beyond the obvious cliches of addiction, and more so into the life choices we make that create our own personas. I say this out of respect for this labor of love and my own personal experiences, as I was often that dark and brooding black sheep that got lost in the shuffle. This film is beautifully done on many levels.

Anne Hathaway’s character reminded me that we all have our crosses to bear in life. Sometimes we have to be the best cliches we can be; otherwise, all might get lost over and over again.

The 3rd World vs. the 1st World

The other day I overheard two ultra rich Beverly Hills moguls talking about money, business, and more.

Rich Man #1 said: “I’m going to have to stop production of my factory in China, China’s just too expensive.”

Rich Man #2: “Yeah, I’m thinking about setting up a new factory in Vietnam. It’s so much cheaper.”

My big questions to the business moguls of the world:

1. What will you Captains of industry do when there is no more third world to exploit?

2. Where will you go when you have to pay everyone with equal honest pay?

I personally can’t wait for this day to come.  I’d pay anything to see that happen.  Hang in there, America.  Someday soon we will all feel good and become good again.  Even if it’s only because we have to!