Disney vs Marvel….is it now Marsney…Disvel….We will have to see…

Since I can’t escape the debate:

Somehow now I can’t picture the storyline for the new X-men movie to be that Storm gets drunk and gets “knocked up” by let’s say Wolverine; and then they both realize that she will have to “get rid of the baby” since she can’t save the world while flying around the world fighting evil as a pregnant superhero and all……the old saying goes sacrificing one life to save a million. This, of course, causes Wolverine to go on a drug bender since he is Pro-LIFE and all….Then the superhero Storm becomes a women rights activist and then the mud really starts flying…
This is just one of many wonderful ideas for Marvel films based on superheroes…( insert an almost guilty sort of ha-ha here)…that will never be made-now that family oriented conservative Disney owns Marvel.

I am kidding in case you can’t tell…and given while there is nothing funny about abortion….I am just trying to make a few points about what I call “taboo topics” in film. They are allowed, all sides and choices to boycott any story based on content is just not what filmmaking and or art is about. It’s just my final opinion that it’s going to take some work for Disney to be able make watchable films with adult natures, themes, and stories with actual violence, drugs and or sex.

We will have to just watch and see what happens as it all unfolds…but either way we must always keep our freedom of speech alive.

Please note:
Where I got this picture…as I never have ‘stolen art’…- Got this from a simple google search.

Goodbye Ted Kennedy

Although I am not considered a ‘real’ Massachusetts native(actually grew up in Connecticut), I consider myself more of a Boston native than anywhere else in the world. It is where I made the first real home of my very own.
I never quite felt comfortable growing up in Connecticut with its uptight values, politics, and or uptight “artistic” communities…they all always felt too stifling for me. Massachusetts, on the other hand, was and is to me to be considered the real land of the free, and often it is said that it is ‘its own country’, and this is I find to be true. It might just be thanks to the greatness of original people like Ted Kennedy, so I thank you Ted for helping shape my first home, among other things that you did while you graced us with your presence.
I whole-heartedly mourn the loss of one of Massachusetts’s, the world’s, and America’s greatest political minds of this century. Ted Kennedy, the world is a little darker now that you are gone. I had just heard as I fell asleep-I woke up in the middle of this night dreaming and hoping it was a just a bad dream….but it was not. So, I do bid you a fond farewell.

Peace, brother Ted-peace to you….always.

Poetic Rant –My life as a writer

To me-

On some days it all just looks like nonsense and other days it all looks like genius….but it always feels like a hot coal in my throat I have to spit it out or else….

I speak about my writing and no it doesn’t sound so inviting, but it is intriguing; almost like a seagull bleeding love for his mother.

It’s not always so inviting to hide under the guise of anonymity so jump in and take a swim-in the sea.

Be, swim, dream, scream-underwater like a David Byrne song. It’s something that sounds better when you’re alone.

End scene.

District 9-It’s more than meets the eye and the sky……

The summer blockbuster District 9 was a surprisingly interesting and original treat. You really have to check this film out-It’s kind of refreshing to see an original story after a summer of generic remakes. The most interesting thing….(and I am NOT giving anything away) is the treatment of ‘alien beings’; It really echoed the way Muslims and Arabs have been treated since the day after 9/11 and the words ‘Guantanamo Bay’ also pop into my head for some reason. The most obvious comparisons to the film’s treatment of aliens would obviously be to see the similarities to the way White Africans treated Black Africans during South Africa’s apartheid regime. This is obvious since it is a South African film, but still is an ingenius way of showing how inhumane we can be, and how maybe even aliens could be kinder than us….at this rate.

Check it out if you can…normally I try not to help promote films that have such a huge advertising budget…I go more for the Indy films as that’s my specialty and what I like, but this one is a real exception in many ways.

Don’t Let the Bastards Win…..

If the “public option” for healthcare doesn’t sound good to anyone, try being friends with someone who lives in this country that has Cancer and no insurance. You can’t imagine how frustrating it was to watch someone I cared about get treated for Cancer then have to move into a shelter as he lost his job and his home…etc. People die everyday in America from this lack of affordable care.

Unless you want to let Darwinism (survival of the richest/fittest/most healthy) rule American life, then opposing a “public option” is half-assed and it sounds like White Middle America, Medical corporations, and Pharmacy corporations are just being spoiled complainers who have insurance already. I have not heard one complaint about this public plan from one single uninsured person.

Again, it’s the three big groups: White Middle America, Medical Corporations/Insurance companies, and Pharmaceutical corporations who are going against the grain of everyone deserving healthcare. These are the groups who, if you read your history properly, have had it easy since the 1800s, and they would rather damn people to hell than help anyone who might need this change. They would deprive people of good insurance even if it means their care would not be affected at all. They are behind the viral campaigns, financing the anti-insurance lobbyists’ plans, and finally as we can all imagine, greasing the pockets of those Senators that oppose the president’s plan.

So if you really oppose the plan, I want you to think hard about these things, my friend who had Cancer and became homeless and more….and then decide again.

We all deserve a shot at life right? Isn’t this America right? More importantly….this the world we all get a chance to live in it-I hope.

Today I prefer life then writing…..not the other way around-

There are two types of writers in this world: those that write from the “outside” and those who write from the “inside”. The outside writer writes from his own life out of necessity-he realizes that his life is so crazy and interesting that he just has to share it with the world via fiction or via metaphor for that said reality. The inside writer on the other hand is very book savvy, book smart, and on occasion overly educated. They only write out of sheer boredom. On occasion these inside types of writers create something great-but usually it’s all just expanded thoughts from a boring life that’s dreams of excitement-maybe they could even dream of the excitement of the outside writer. To be quite simple about it: There are those that live and write of life….then there are those that write of living but never really live except on the page. I don’t really like to write about trivial, meaningless things; I find it a waste of time, especially when there is so much beauty, love, tragedy, laugher, and death moments on the edge of this life, and finally, of life in this world.

That’s just a good beginning -you won’t find the ending to the story until it’s too late…so enjoy the ride-now.