How to really Break the Law for Health Care Reform:

How to Break the Law for Health Care Reform:

(Note this fact: In the United States, there is no such thing as refusal of Emergency room visits.)

1. So I propose that every single person that doesn’t have health care coverage in the United States, go to your nearest Emergency room.

2. Once you are there tell them “You can’t find your ID, and or credit cards” but you do need medical treatment. Legally they cannot refuse service to you.

3. Then give the name “John Doe” or maybe make up something new so you don’t seem that obvious and always include a fake social security number and address to boot.

4. Get the medical treatment you need.

5. Thank them profusely-then ask them to bill you.

6. Then leave right away.

7. Repeat as needed.

Imagine if every single person without healthcare did this? We’d bankrupt the hospitals forcing them to crash collectively and then they would be forced to commit to reform.

These is all wishful thinking, but try to do it-Break the law, there’s nothing more Patriotic than standing up to United States of America and the corporate machine to say “I won’t take it anymore”.

I just really like this picture and House.

Thats all,


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