Please evolve all…

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You can be offended or not. I don’t care but I will say the Israeli army killing relief workers is not surprising to me. I personally know people who are Democrat, Republican, Muslim, and even Jewish (my close family included) that have all had near misses (been nearly killed) at the Israel/Palestine border.

There’s nothing more disturbing than an angry 17year old with a machine-gun that has no real training that doesn’t care about or value all life. There is no reason for conflict. Both sides need to come to an agreement and get over it. Yet another reason I stay away from ‘real religion’. Religion should be considered an entity, like a man, woman, or animal. It must learn to evolve into something compassionate or die out. Personally, I’d rather have all religions die out very much like the unfortunate Dinosaurs did.

Weren’t the original ideals behind most religions to spread compassion? Not to kill over ‘holy’ land. Now thanks to children with guns that don’t think, there are many people who lay dead who really are in essence ‘holy’, or in this case full of holes. This is why I think most all religions have too many flaws to exist on this planet. They include, racism, violent undertones, and so on. I include in this list: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Mormonism and so on. Maybe I am offending everyone, but you all are offending the human race with your racist attitudes, violent behaviors towards each other, and your old thinking.

I don’t think your silly books full of fables including the Bible, Torah or Koran were meant for the way you interpret them; they all were just a collection of fables from various thinkers that existed long ago. Maybe we need a new group of thinkers to write more modern fables for you all to worship? It all just seems silly to me as I myself don’t need a book to know what’s right or wrong or important to the value and purpose of this world. The only religion I know of that generally doesn’t offend or take a particularly harsh stance is Buddhism……and that’s because it’s not really a religion but a way of looking at the world and thinking. (Well to me anyways)

In closing, stop worshiping old thoughts and ideas and try to develop your own ideas. If early man hadn’t gotten over his fears of primitive gods, the sun, or the invention of fire even we all would not exist….as that’s what the evolution of man really is….evolution. Maybe we should stop fearing each other and learn to fear the destruction of our planet, as this is something we all have the power to change for the better.

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