"Douchebag the movie" was not made by Douchebags, obviously: a rare comedy gem!

That’s not a sentence I thought I’d ever say but it’s true. Douchebag is the brainchild/offshoot of the team of Andrew Dickler and Ben York Jones, and from what I understand it was purely inspired by Andrew’s weirdly cool and funny persona. Note this film was an official selection at Sundance 2010.

The idea of this story sounds simple and cliché: find your childhood sweetheart you have been thinking about your whole life, right when your brother is about to get married. If only life were that simple; but it’s not and there’s nothing cliché about this film. I’m glad I knew nothing ahead of seeing the movie as I will admit I hate movies about “marriage” or “getting married”. I get hives thinking about some of the puke-ridden romantic comedies out there.

As we all know in Rom Coms, boy meets girl ,boy gets girl, boy loses girl and then boy gets girl again. That’s the formula for every cheese-ball lousy flick from here to Bagdad. (Yeah I’m pretty sure Rom Coms in Iraq suck as much as ours, and since they are now liberated maybe they’ve learned the American art of product placement as well.) Douchebag is a totally original story, not a Rom Com either. It has some great ideas littered in it and the concept/theme is ambitiously sweet without extra sugar. The existential questions you will find you asking yourself I won’t repeat. No one likes a spoil sport. The story takes a lot of natural twists and turns, very much like the weird by-ways and highways the characters find themselves clinging to like so many dead bugs on the windshield.

The main idea I want to get across about this film is that it’s everything that a good independent film should be. It doesn’t pretend to be worth millions of dollars but was shot for nothing. It really was shot for nothing. You know what I mean, those ‘indie’ films that have huge actors in it and some veteran director behind it. Usually those films are considered ‘indie’. Well, not to me. I am old school in using the term indie. I mean Richard Linkletter, early Kevin Smith, or dare I say Jim Jarmusch in the tradition of indie films. This movie gets placed on the same ‘cool shelf’, or should I say Netflix Que.

Andrew Dickler, the main character, was originally a film editor who acts in this film for the first time, and he does a great job! Why or how can he do a great job? He is being honest in who he is, in every regard. His wife to be Marguerite Moreau also does a stellar job and isn’t cliché either. In this day and age who has time for fake or phony performances? Ben York Jones also delivers like a pro. He offers a vulnerable, damaged yet empowered sort of artist who’s at a crossroads with himself and his family.

If I were teaching a class in acting or comedy I would just screen this movie and let the students hack it out on who to play. Is this mumble core? Like the Duplass brothers (The brothers I wasn’t too into except for their last feature ’Cyrus’ which I thought was brilliant). Some say Douchebag the movie is mumble core but I don’t think so; this film is something more and very special in its simplicity. It’s also been compared to “Sideways” (in an abstract sense)by other critics, I will have to agree as well.

I will repeat myself by saying don’t get this flick twisted; it’s not an imitation of anything and its pure, original and organic. Most all of the scenes are taken from Improv between the two ‘brothers’, and you believe it. In nature vs. faketure (I just made that word up), nature wins every time.

The locations really helped the believability. I am a firm believer in not making movies in LA proper, and they really use the rest of Southern California to their advantage.

I will say lastly that the director Drake Doremus is very gifted and I expect to see many more great things coming out him.

This is where to find the film’s kickass, hipster, dope soundtrack by this guy:

The Damn Electric Company (band): The Goddam Electric Bill

Here is a link to the film:
Douchebag the movie website

It will be at the Nuart in West LA on October 8th! So get your tickets while you can! There are other dates and cities coming….so tune in.


DOUCHEBAG: Movie Trailer. Watch more top selected videos about: Marguerite Moreau, Andrew Dickler

What does this blind Bald Eagle symbolize?

I met this fully grown bald eagle and yes he’s blind. It turns out this eagle and a few others were blinded by DDT poison and also by hunting arrows that were shot at them. Both situations were manmade which says so much about our society as a whole (i.e. we are flawed and or assholes for letting this happen…)

Here is a raccoon that was mistaken for abandoned by some stupid people that went and took him from his family while his parents were gone, foraging for food. Now he’s is so ‘human imprinted’ that there is no way he would survive in the wild.

Here is an owl who was also blinded by man made pestisides.

Here are more blind eagles. I also saw a 3 legged black bear.

Thank goodness for the Moonridge Wild Animal Rescue Zoo. They do the important work that needs to be done to help these creatures we have in-effect maimed and or human imprinted. There are hundreds of these animals at this park that need our help.

Please support it here and or learn more about what the great people at Moonridge do and learn how you can support it….

Here: The Moonridge Zoo

The Town was great, and yeah that was My Town…..

My extended twitter about The Town:

#thetown was a great film, speaking as an ex-Boston toughie, it was very well done. I used to know some Charlestown mugs very much like in this film. And those of you who thought that Ben Affleck wasn’t ‘acting’ very well, it is my firm opinion that his character was emotionally disconnected for a part of the film. Get a clue critics. Jeremy Renner was stunning, and Blake Lively blew me away as well.


Great new Fall TV 2010-

Great new Fall TV 2010!

A quick snappy list:

1.Terriers on FX on Wednesday nights–super under-rated , brilliant. Created by
the makers of ‘The Shield’; give it a chance. I love the underlying theme of dogs
on the show…interesting. Hopefully the PR campaign doesn’t backfire on them. Think
Big Lebowski in San Diego, which is a refreshing location for those of us sick
LA based shows.

2.Good Guys-FOX-Fridays–fun, interesting cop show: Felix and Oscar 2010 cop style;
good slapstick and goofy style. Texas location, also a breath of fresh air.
Colin Hanks and Bradley Whitford make the show. They can’t all be Mad Men.

3.The Big C-SHOWTIME-Sunday nights: Laura Linney, Oliver Platt, John Ben Hickey.
Cancer can be funny after all. And how can you not love a Bassett Hound?

4.Boardwalk Empire-HBO-Sundays: Steve Buschemi and Michael Pitt at their best yet
again. A few years ago they did a movie together called ‘Delirious’ which is where
the camera chemistry started. Ying and Yang works. The roaring 1920’s are back and
HBO is too.

5.Running Wilde-FOX-Will Arnett’s sense of humor is very much like my own, so I
can’t help but love the utter silliness of this show. A nice change.

6.Raising Hope-FOX-Martha Plimpton and Cloris Leachman plus some young stars make
this show Fox’s funniest since “Malcolm in the Middle”.

7.The Defenders-CBS-Jim Belushi and Jerry O’Connell are both trying something
different and I do mean it. They both are really acting and the show is
interesting. Screw critics, its original and funny. Very like a funny Perry

8. Outsourced–NBC-has some serious potential to be great…and its nice to see a
show not based in the USA for once.

9. Outlaw-CBS-as we learned from last seasons Dexter, Jimmy Smits is an ex con-
servative judge turned lawyer. Plenty of twists and turns and Smit’s stellar
acting makes it worthy of watching. So far his cases are current, debatable
topics that hold your interest for sure.

Good TV shows that got better:

1. Mad Men-AMC-See my previous blogs, it’s still the best show on TV in about 10 years.

2. Fringe-FOX-When Lost ended, this show got better…or is it just that we all paid
attention better now. Great writing, acting and more.

3. Eastbound and Down-HBO-Danny Mcbride and Katy Mixon two of my favorites-hilarious

4. Lie to Me-FOX-(now run by the former ‘The Shield’ show-runner)has made a huge leap
to quite an incredible show. Tim Roth at his very best.
Full episodes: Lie To Me

5. Sons of Anarchy-FX-It never lets me down and now has a cult following with just

6. Bored to Death-HBO-the best fake detective show ever written. Jonathan Ames is
one of our great modern writers.

7. Royal Pains-USA-didn’t bore me this season; good a second time around and it now
has Henry Winkler on it.

8. Psyche–USA-Always good surprises, random guest stars and random references to
obscure things. Fun times.

9. Modern Family-ABC-I shouldn’t have to say anything about this show, it’s just
awesome, and the only current sitcom that has a John Hughes quality.

10. Pit boss-ANIMAL PLANET-one of two reality TV shows I watch; little people
saving pitbulls and working in Hollywood.

11. Last Chance Highway-ANIMAL PLANET-the only other reality show I watch about a
cute family who save/rescue stray dogs in the deep south. A bit like a ‘Best in
show’ but the real story with lots of heart.

12. Dexter-SHOWTIME-its back and also one of the best shows on TV in the last 10
years as well.

Enough already America!

Telling Muslims not to build a community cultural center/mosque 2 blocks as opposed to 5 blocks from world trade center because it promotes terrorism is like saying all Christians actions should be based on those right wing Christians that go around blowing up abortion clinics or “killing in the name of Jesus”. Muslims aren't supposed kill, neither are Christians, Jewish folks, Buddhists, Mormons nor anyone.

Why all the fuss America? It's not even on Ground Zero.

Besides, if has anyone payed attention to ground zero you might have noticed that the city of NY and a ton of others have had about 100 plus ideas/blueprints on what do there and none of them have come to fruition…and this in itself seems much more anti patriotic than today's topic of the hour.

Anyways back to my main bones to pick with you all….

All of these religious groups big or small will always have some members that will wind up crazy and or fanatically judging each other and making up their own “do it yourself” interpretations of, to me, whatever old, outdated and longwinded Philosophy that they worship. This is one of the reasons I don't like any form of religion but come on now…. Let others be; live and let live already. While we are white washing the 2 blocks around the World Trade Center why don't we get rid of those dirty and sinful strip clubs that so many right wingers like to hang out at?

Next, let's not let any Arab-looking folks sell pushcart foods like pretzels because as we all know they could be plotting to destroy all of us via our love for pretzels or Nathan's hotdogs….

Did I forget anything?

And another thing: yes this nut job southern “pastor” has the right to burn the Koran on 9/11 just like the Klu Klux Klan has the right to hold meetings as well: it doesn't make it right. But let's be honest with each other, he's probably going to be wearing a long white hood later on that night…

Thats all I have to say.

Free your mind and your ass will follow.

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