Who Can Kill a Child?" My Classic Halloween movie pick this year also known as: ¿Quién puede matar a un niño?

A highly underrated flick from Spain. Think 1976 a young British couple on holiday on a small island off the coast. I’m glad this one hasn’t been remade yet, although there was a remake in development with Diego Luna attached but from the looks of it it’s not happening. Child is a great example of how to use silence and negative spaces in film to both create real tension and build a more natural sort of fear. There have been alot of comparisons of Child to Village of the Damned but I have to say I like Child way better. It’s much more bleak and simple. 

Happy Halloween.  

Take Shelter

Go see Take Shelter if you can. Michael Shannon again is quite brilliant.

The film and script are a great examples of how just a simple idea can be ten times more scary than any CGI monster-shark-or masked killer.

The real fear is that we all are the bad things we see in the the world.  And that’s all I can say-I’d hate to give away anything from this one.

(Excuse my short rant here-at the moment I kind of feel sick.)