RIP to Mr. James Gandolfini

RIP to Mr. James Gandolfini. One of the most talented actors of our time. From his voice work on “Where the Wild Things Are” to his character on The Sopranos to his star-making bit part in True Romance. Tony Soprano was his most vibrant of TV persona, and reminded me so much of my own father, and a bit of myself. A true comfort. James/Tony will be missed all over this world. But as Laura said, at least he died in Roma…

Buonanotte re, si sarà perso.

Mental Health Reform Now-In the White House

On Monday a good friend of mine accompanied Glenn Close to the White House. They, along with Bradley Cooper and many others, were all talking about the stigmata surrounding mental illness. Those that need mental health services or have a diagnosis of mental illness should not be afraid to discuss it.

I especially think this is true after after today’s tragedy in Santa Monica. We all should be talking about this topic, not just guns.

I guess not so long ago, it was much easier to stay quiet about things like mental illness. And I should know, as I was one of the quiet ones-but I’m not quiet anymore, those days are gone.

Glenn’s great group:

Try to have a nice weekend.