*My top films of the year 2013 and a comedy rant….

First off let me say, regarding comedy-there should be an Oscar category for comedy. If there is a section for something as specific as animation, then why not for comedy? Just a thought.   

*Now for my top film picks for 2013:

The Wolf of Wall Street– This film is by far Marty’s best movie in 20 years. I would say most of it’s critics that judge it, probably haven’t watched it in full. I found nothing about it, to be glamorizing of Jordan’s life. If anything it was a profound warning as to the dangers of unregulated free markets and finance trickery. We all deserve a second chance in life, or a third or a tenth… 

12 Years a Slave– This film is probably one of greatest new pieces of cinema in a decade. A masterpiece that gave slavery the respect and motion it needed. It’s director Steve McQueen treated slavery like it should always have been treated-like a war against the Black race. McQueen is the next Stanley Kubrick. 

Inside Llewyn Davis-another masterful film beyond words. And the cat in this movie steals the show. (I won’t mention the theory that the cat serves as subtext and a representation for Llewyn’s journey himself)

The Way Way Back-A smaller summer film that held as much humor as it did drama. Stunning on so many levels. Sam Rockwell somehow has channelled a young Bill Murray here ala Meatballs…

The Lifeguard-I just loved this story, being an ex-lifeguard of sorts (more so I was a failed lifeguard)…Kristen Bell really brought it in this film. 

Jasmine Blue– Woody’s best movie since Midnight in Paris, which is saying so much! A brilliant story, casting and Cate Blanchett’s so very lovely in this homage to Tennessee William’s Streetcar Named Desire. 

The Place Behind the Pines-the most ambitious film I have seen in years. A brilliant script, acting and well everything. It’s long yes, but worth the payoff in the end. 

Spring Breakers– Probably James Franco’s wildest and most interesting role to date. A wonderful change of pace for Harmony Korine 

The Grandmaster-Wong Kar Wai’s equal to The Godfather part 1. Beyond anything else out there. The Godfather of all Kung Fu films. As moving as watching ballerinas dance. 

Blackfish-Shame on SeaWorld is all I will say. An amazing film. 

Behind the Candleabra– An HBO film, but regardless, it was Michael Douglas’s best work in years. 

Gravity-Beyond just an amazing technical feat but a masterful film of amazing performances.

Captain Phillips– again we are blessed with an amazing Tom Hanks movie! And his supporting co-star Barkhad Abdi aka Muse might just win an Oscar for being well, one of the best bad guys I’ve seen on camera in a long time. 

Not Fade Away-technically this film came out in 2012, but I just watched it last night and I was blown away. I miss James Gandolfini more and more every day. David Chase is brilliant on so many levels. 

No-again another 2012 film, but I just saw it. A brilliant film about the last days of Pinochet’s reign of terror in Chile. 

Crystal Fairy-Gabby Hoffman’s way cool comeback film. A great story, beyond just the drugs, but look to the meta wild shots and overall contemplation of this story-its not to be beat.

Dirty Wars by Jeremy Scahill-an amazing film. Whatever your political leanings, he has discovered something incredible. 

*Movies I wanted to include but couldn’t:

Prisoners-even though this was a rather ambitious film, I just couldn’t ignore the obvious (to me plot holes) and the obvious answers to the whole puzzle. Some great performances though and well worth seeing.. 

*Films I have yet to see but might make this list as well: 

As I Lay Dying 

Short Term 12 

The Dallas Buyers Club




The Hunt

Enough Said 


Fruitville Station

Thanks Tin House for sending me an annotated copy of Kevin Sampsell’s “This is between us." 

I’m so looking forward to reading this novel. I know I’m not alone when I say reading anything annotated (whether it be a bibliography or footnotes) has always been a comforting experience for me as a reader or writer. Perhaps afterwards, I’ll take his notes and turn them into some sort art project???? Hmm… 




Here is some more Victor Jara music. I am very excited about the new year. I’m going to be meeting with some pretty cool nuns (from a local monastery) regarding my new script. They will be helping me figure out some important details about this new story of mine…details, details-they’re always important. 




Learn about the other Sept 11-in 1973. One of the greatest free documentaries on YouTube. Victor Jara, his life, death and execution due to his politics, music and life. More of my personal inspiration behind my new screenplay. And yeah, I’m loving writing about the 70s…it was a simpler time in many ways. 


Ned Vizzini is dead of suicide at 32? A heartbreakingly huge loss, one of young bright stars of young adult literature and film/TV writing. We had a few tiny Fb chats about depression and writing as we both had that same ailment. His books are amazing on so many levels, and I always admired that he never condescended or stereotyped his ‘teen’ characters. He saw true depth where others saw just angry/sad teens.

Depression is never a joke, it’s a very real disease, don’t ever hesitate to talk, shout, cry, howl to others about it, but do something…

Freedom Flunky…

I never thought I’d be putting Nelson Mandela and Peter O’Toole in the same sentence, but here we are. Both influenced my childhood: when I heard about Mandela’s imprisonment when I was in the fourth grade, it made me want to become a freedom fighter. Then a year later, when I saw Peter O’Toole in “My Favorite Year,” I wanted to become a Hollywood flunky…and so on…who are we really? Part freedom fighting flunky…dream well world…