Thanks #laartsonline magazine for the pie plate & screening of #LaborDay movie. “Labor Day” is probably Jason Reitman’s best film to date. I was surprised at the strong sense of humor/irony and the seemingly natural story. Great acting of course, and I also dug 1987 New England and the setting. Lastly, I loved the jokes about going to Friendly’s and getting Fribbles. Thumbs way up!

Update 12: IN PRODUCTION · KIM JONG IL: The Unauthorized Autobiography

I’m so glad I backed this indie book! What’s wrong with me? Why do I love to know about only the most horrible people, yet I don’t slow down for car wrecks?  

Update 12: IN PRODUCTION · KIM JONG IL: The Unauthorized Autobiography

“Her” was truly amazing. A movie I saw alone as I thought it was one of those movies you just should see alone. Such an open imagination and a truthful romance. I was taken to a place in which sensual thoughts actually meant something along with so many wild philosophies mixed down into a musical, poetic, visually amazing script. (at Vista Theater)

We read less and skim more as the Internet occupies more of our lives. And there’s a link between selfhood and reading slowly, rather than scanning for quick information, as the Web encourages us to do. Recent work in sociology and psychology suggests that reading books, a private experience, is an important aspect of coming to know who we are.

David Mikics, “In Praise of (Offline) Slow Reading,” The New York Times (via gracebello)

I have to agree…but I still love reading on my Kindle…