The Oscar winning film ‘La Grande Bellezza’ is truly magnificent. It’s one of the greatest films made in Italy or any country for that matter. A film so full of metaphors and subtext so rich-that I had to just pause the film several times to think about certain scenes and moments. Then there was the whole visual storytelling aspect-which is the most impressive part of this epic story. Saying more with a facial expression and or visual cue than a 100 pages of conversation.

This masterpiece was just what I needed as I’ve been a bit stuck, physically. I’m dealing with some Neuropathy and Fibromyalgia-not exactly a walk in the park, but hey, my life could be worse right? As long as I stay focused on my art and writing…all will be fine. That’s enough whining from me.

The rest of my life is great-as a matter of fact, I’m close to finishing up something brand new. I’m wrapping up a new script that’s all about Italy (and a few other things.) I won’t say anything else until it’s done…but my writing mentor tells me its my best script work yet.

Art begets art.

Ciao…Buona Serata!