Les Revenants as metaphor for much more…

Lately I’ve been hooked on a steady netflix stream of: “Les Revenants aka The Returned”

A French supernatural drama-television series created by Fabrice Gobert, based on the 2004 French film They Came Back (in French titled Les Revenants) directed by Robin Campillo. The series debuted on 26 November 2012 on Canal+ and completed its first season consisting of eight episodes on 17 December. A second season is in production.[1] In 2013, it won an International Emmy for Best Drama Series.[2] (wiki)

At the same time, I’d just read Malcolm Gladwell’s new book “David and Goliath-underdogs, misfits, and The Art of Battling Giants” aka the history of oh so many, varied ‘underdogs’ from the age of the Bible to now.

There was one particular underdog story which reminded me of the story of The Returned and that of La Chambon and it’s leader Andre Trocme: a simple narrative of a small French mountain town at the edge of Southern-France, Switzerland, and Italy during WWII.

Not to give Gladwell’s story/book away, but it was the story of how an insignificant town stood up to the Nazis on behalf of the Jews. I found it all to be an amazing and inspiring story, of how not one single person in the town let any Jewish person be caught and or persecuted. (Okay to be technical one person was arrested and then prosecuted…out of thousands)

Now jump ahead in time, to the narrative of the Les Revenants/Returned. A story in which the dead (my choice as subtext for the persecuted) come back to life, and yes some surely go against them and yep, some aid them. All as well (oddly enough) taking place in a small town in the mountains of Southern-France, Switzerland, and Northern Italy.

I can’t help but think that maybe the original film, ‘They Came Back,’ maybe it too was inspired by this old yet kind if infamous French story….but perhaps, I’m just reaching for a straw that only I see…

Either way, ‘Les Revenants/The Returned’ and or Gladwell’s ‘David and Goliath’ are both worth lots of your time and yes even-your deep dark consideration.


I forgot I say how much I dug #Enemy, a little Canadian noir-like movie. A really interesting take on “the double.” And if it weren’t for Jake Gyllenhaal’s amazing acting I would say this movie would not work-sometimes that’s how a role comes to life. I’m talking body language, panic, motion, silence, and language. A really interesting movie full of ambivalence and mystery. It’s like David Lynch once said, “When it comes to a mystery, let some things always remain truly mysterious and or unanswered.” (Probably have this Quote wrong..) #indiefilm #canadianfilm #greatmovies