Still in awe of last night’s opening of “The Country House.” Such an amazing show, cast and directing. It inspired me to go home and to continue working on my thesis. There’s something about seeing real people be so vulnerable that makes me feel like a person again. #geffenplayhouse #latheater #thecountryhouse #thehumancondition


“I’m a very shame-ridden person.” Karl Ove Knausgaard interviewed at LIVE from the NYPL.

What he says about memory is kind of beautiful, but for me, I seem to remember/recall too much of my own childhood. If we could trade brains, it would be a wonderful and enlightening thing.

Great writing advice: Game of Thrones Show-runner David Benioff:

 "A long time ago the wonderful writer Ann Patchett was my teacher in graduate school. She said a good story has to have some orange juice concentrate and some water: too much of the former and it tastes disgusting; too much of the latter and it’s watery. That was an important lesson and one we’ve tried to follow in this series. Some of our favorite scenes on the show are the quiet ones with two characters talking.“

-David Benioff

(The rest of the quote has spoilers and I refuse to post such a thing…so read the Hollywood reporter for the rest: