Last night I was floored by the astoundingly beautiful way Stephen Hawking’s life is portrayed.

Dr. Hawking is one of my all time heroes and the only time/reason that I have ever waited in line for 7 hours aka to see Dr. Hawking speak at Caltech.

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Main Source’s classic jam: “A Friendly Game of Baseball.” An #EricGarner themed song that was written when? In 1989/90? What?! Was Main Source/Large Professor a bunch of psychic rappers? Or have cops been killing black people for a long long time?

Sadly enough, he’s no psychic just honest. #oldschoolrapstyle
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Friends of the People is probably the best/funniest and most socially relevant new show on TV and I’m super happy that they got renewed! 

Also on a personal note:  A great cast of actors including those two hilarious twins (The Lucas Brothers) I met at some Hollywood mansion party last year. I seem to recall they’d said to me: “You’re a writer? Write us some funny sh**t and or a web-series.” And I was like: “I’m not that kind of writer. I write that depressingly serious shit, but I do love a good comedy." 

Well, it looks like they don’t need my help anyways! 🙂 Sometimes the right people do come out on top.