Mohamedou Ould Slahi for the Nobel Prize 2016.

Hello everyone,

If you are  reading this, it’s because I felt the need to post this petition that I’ve just started so all 5 of you reading this blog can maybe join in my cause….


Since leaving Calarts, I’ve been busy working my behind off at USC’s School of Social Work and  working at a few part time jobs.  And so while I’ve been at Usc, I’ve been taking a pretty cool Public Policy class and it’s been through this class, that I’ve been getting really into a whole new level of grassroots activism and human rights advocacy, (aside from that whole mental health thing for which is my main focus.) 

(Also, please excuse my typos and or dyslexic moments as I’ve written this in a rather rushed state as to me this feels quite important for all of us as people)

And so my current USC Policy class has inspired me to start this new petition project on:

Mohamedou Ould Slahi and my new mission to nominate him for the Nobel Prize for his work in writing: Guantanamo Diaries

This man is not any form of criminal.
This man is not a criminal, but a father, scholar, engineer and a humble, brave human being in that he’s refused to quit on life, nor hope for himself and his fellow captives. 

After reading Mr. Slahi’s book Guantanamo Diaries, all became apparent to me that if I could somehow highlight and or shine a larger spotlight on this still imprisoned author-I kind of had to pitch in and do my part. So here is what you can do…just keep reading and then sign…

So if you didn’t know it, Mr. Slahi has been imprisoned in Guantanamo for the past 13 years in which he’s been the subject of sexual abuse, physical and mental violation, and of course torture by the US government, of course under the false guise of ‘freedom’ and or ‘our security.’

And yet despite all of his torture and abuse, Mohamedou has been brave enough to record all that he has endured from now into current life leading up to Gitmo: From the daily pain of being unjustly accused of helping in the 9/11 terror plot to his simple and often daily indignities.

These diaries of his, have finally been turned into the book: Guantanamo Diaries as a memoir about his past & ongoing hell. And so after nearly a decade of lawsuits and lawyers fighting on his behalf-this book of his Guantanamo Diaries was published earlier this year.

I hope that all of you will agree with me, in my saying that Mohamedou should be both rewarded and noticed by entire world for these nearly 13 years pain and suffering.  And so what better way to express such a protest than for him to be nominated for a 2016 Nobel Prize to recognize all of his literary, mental and even bodily sacrifice in attempting to express himself via the written word.    

And yes, I truly do believe that if he were to win the Nobel Prize, it would send tons of pressure to both the US and Overseas Authorities alike that what is happening to him alongside all other prisoners inside of Guantanamo is not right anywhere according to well-everyone. I also hope that this might even put more pressure on our Nobel Prize holding Obama, and I might even hope that this important action might push our current administration to possibly reverse this now decade long illegal course of action that former President George W Bush started up-oh so long ago.

Incidentally, since this book has been published, he has actually lost more rights while still stuck in Gitmo Detention Center, for example: his personal “comfort items” have all been removed from his cell and his possession. 

Hey Carmelo get to the point?! Okay. How can you help? You need money right? Not at all, but you could buy his book right? Peep it here:  Guantanamo Diary

All I ask is that you might sign this petition link listed below which will help him get that much closer to much more world recognition and in the long run-I’d hope for more freedom for himself and possibly his cellmates.

Sign here:

If you do sign, it will automatically send an email to the Nobel prize committee in Norway.

Thanks for your time and I appreciate your patience and support as I said this is a new passion project of mine and I’ve just emailed several News/Human Rights sites in hopes of rallying more support for Mr. Slahi.

I will keep you posted and many thanks!

Best Wishes,

Carmelo Brian Valone

I’d Rather stand with #BlackLivesMatter and Quentin Tarantino any day…

I’d rather stand with Quentin Tarantino any day of the week rather than to do nothing and or to say nothing at all.

Incidentally, this was how my first real run in with the Nypd went down: I was 18 and wearing a Malcom X style “X” hat out of support for Spike Lee’s new film X.


While doing so, a couple of rather pale cops followed me and my friends (my now deceased friend Aaron and company..) and harassed us to a rather nasty degree.

The cops verbally harassed me and us, until I did what they ordered me to do and “take off my stupid fucking ‘X’ hat” as according to them Malcom X “hated all white people” and “would kill you if given the chance to.” I tried to argue about this with the Nypd but they seemed more than ready to beat me and or arrest me for anything they’d liked.

Now imagine this same scene if I simply were a non-white in that same rather prominently white area of Manhattan where I’d been? It would have been much rougher for me. Incidentally that was white privilege, something that I didn’t ask for but am more than happy to share with you if still don’t understand the concept of it as a whole.

And here is where you might say that things have changed since the 90s in NYC and I might have to argue and say….not really at all. And I no my Fb is not here to impressive you but more importantly to inform you of things that might be much larger than me. And no I don’t give a shit about your stupid fucking election as none of them not Bernie will probably pass any federal fucking laws to change things in the country regarding how Black people are treated by the police.

‪#‎Blacklivesmatter‬ still today, I don’t have to wait for another murder take place do ? To post something angry and real do I? Lapd and Nypd boycott injustice?

Again, the irony of my birthday happening to be on the same day as #worldmentalhealthday is far beyond me. Is this karma kissing me on the mouth? Maybe so.
I suppose that I could confess to all of you that I have/had this problem with depression around my birthday, probably because of rather personal and and or dark reasons. Perhaps I might’ve even tried to kill myself on this day (years ago) and on many other times as well because these are of the side effects of living with Bipolar disorder and Ptsd.
And the truth is that when you live with any form of disease or disorder we all have our ups and downs. The trick is to not allow your diagnosis and or downs rule you. For me I’m not my disease and yet still-I still have to work at being welland in control and because of this I’ve gone from a former professional mental patient into being the artist I’ve always wanted to become, along with becoming a teacher of creative expression, mental health care giving and soon to become a future talk therapist myself.
Quite a lot of heavy bombs to be dropping off on instagram right? Well, if I don’t say anything about myself and my life, how could I expect others to become more open and honest in regards to mental health and illness? If we at least talk to one another about it, perhaps all of this might not seem so heavy and or daunting. Perhaps we all wouldn’t get so quiet when someone says the words: depression, bipolar, mental health and or mental illness and ptsd.
Okay then, I must get away from everything that is being the nstagram addict that I’ve become as of late.
#suicide #suicideawareness #worldmentalhealthday #bipolar #biopolardisorder #ptsd #depression #depressionawareness #preventsuicide

A great little movie about some big ideas on mental illness. Much more honest than your average ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ Hollywood bullshit fanfare, no offense to those novelists that use mental illness as some sort of romantic comedy metaphor for love. Also, somehow the director of this film has stolen/hijacked my life story and made some money off of my former misery. #alittlebitmental #alot #unafraid #endstigma
Rory Culkin is really a fantastic actor. #greatacting #gabrielmovie #mentalillness #overshare #tmi