The Neuroscience of Prejudice & Stereotyping

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In case you thought prejudice was not real…..

Here’s just one of the topics I’ve been hard at work studying and in a nutshell, “visual conditioning is very real” aka if the local news and media outlets are constantly bombarding your brain with “negative images” of either African Americans and or let’s also include Arab Americans and those who worship Islam eventually, you will develop a prejudice, so be careful and “watch what you watch.”

Be intelligent in what you ingest as a human being and as an intellectual consumer and thinker.

Today’s Idea…

“Is there anyone for whom the past doesn’t shape their experience in the present? Of course not; our our minds are always automatically comparing past experiences with present perceptions as we anticipate the next moment in time.  This comparing process is a natural outcome of the interplay among memory, perception, and consciousness, and defines the mind as an “anticipation machine.” 

  -Dr. Daniel Siegel