Hello World.

I’ve been doing the following during this Spring:

I guest lectured at two different mental health themed symposiums with the Saks Institute at USC.

I finished my first year at the USC School of Social Work program.

Working with the Sexual Assault Awareness Sub-committee (Title IX) at USC.

Hosting my Kchung show.

Trying to be a person.

Trying to finish some new essays related to my memoir/book projects.

Doing Research for the Saks Institute.

Working with some activist folks at Black Lives Matter.

And then taking care of myself & the animal family.

And so, that would be why I never actually update this blog. And so now, I should be dead tired/exhausted right? I am, but not really as I’m more so just excited for what will come next.

In the meanwhile, I got to see two legendary musicians: Caetano Veloso & Gilberto Gil. In seeing these two legends play together, it was the closest thing I have come to in seeing ‘God’ if these is such a thing.

Here is a clip, and please ignore my shotty camera work and just listen:

Enjoy and please Vote, but not for that racist guy with the bad business sense and even worse ideas for this country.

Much Love,


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