Yale Owes Corey Menafee a Free Education not just an Apology (Response to his viral actions to racist iconography on the campus of Yale)

Many years ago (too many to say as I’m that old) I used to be a dishwasher myself, not unlike Yale dishwasher and custodian ‪#‎coreymenafee‬

Mr. Menafee has officially made history as being the most profound dishwasher ever. And let’s be honest, it is from him, and actions from other everyday folks like him that huge civil rights movements start from.

His actions however dramatic and extreme while working on the Campus of Yale University seemed to be that of his literarily ‘smashing post colonialist iconography.

And as FYI, his actions summarized as being the following: Corey, while on a break in-between his two minimum wage style jobs; had been walking by a near 200 year old build that had been exhibiting a very old and quite offensive sounding slave/master stained glass portrait within the historical building’s windows.

So I ask you? Was he being unreasonable? Or was he simply speaking up about outdated and racist historical iconography? Not unlike those sad sick people for whom that collect old WWII Nazi dinner plates. It also reminds me of the difference between remembering those horrors of America’s past versus glorifying those items.

So, why think about this? Imagine if we all spoke up about things like? Wouldn’t this world might just become a better place for all of us. Especially in a country where so many people often mistake outdated and racist iconography (and or thinking) as being some part of being a ‘greater’ more ‘traditional’ part of our lives, history and or culture.

He has since been given his job back and has been given funds via Go Fund Me, yet I really don’t think that simply giving him his job back is enough.

My most important point regarding #coreymenafee is that if Yale really wanted to truly apologize to Corey and Black people everywhere-then how about giving Corey a fighting chance via a full ride scholarship to Yale? I mean wouldn’t that be at least a start to Reparations for Americas sad sick past of Slavery?

I think so.





Simcoe…Great at Being so very Bad

Captain Simcoe, the best worst villain on AMC since that often sociopathic teenage ‘Todd’ from Breaking Bad.

Roukin (for whom plays Simcoe) also has a cool sort of perspective on the dance that historical fact, character, and fiction have to coexist with; especially  when adapting for both the small screen, & for the sake of an overall unifying story arc. One my favorite dramas this summer besides, Game of Thrones and SundanceTV’s Cleverman.

AMC Turn’s Bad Man…