All of Us Should Be Like Corey Menafee

I used to be a dishwasher myself, and I have to say that ‪#‎coreymenafee‬ has officially made history as being the most profound dishwasher ever. Everyone single one of us should smash outdated, racist and or irrelevant shit more often and this world might just become a better place for all of us. Especially in a country where so many people often mistake outdated and racist bullshit (and or thinking) as being some part of being a ‘greater’ more ‘traditional’ part of our lives, history and or culture. I promise you, even if you simply replaced just one of your life’s supposed ‘traditions’ with something new and or more pertinent to yourself and or our world today, you might just find that enlightenment that you so desperately need in order to grow as a person and in order for all of us to grow as a whole.

He has since been given his job back and has been given funds via Go Fund Me.





Law professor’s response to BLM shirt complaint.

This is so, sooo freaking awesome and speaking as someone who works at a Law School and hangs out with lots of Law Professor types; based on the tone and content, I  might easily know who the author of this Professor’s memo response might actually be, but to be even clearer about the response to this ignorant 1L (that’s what we call 1st year students) this well stated and ‘crushing it’ response really should be and now very well could be the standard response to any and or all Law School based inquires about any part of the Black Lives Matter movement as if you are really interested in the actual truth around the law….know your sh*t m*therfucker.

Law professor’s response to BLM shirt complaint.

Simcoe…Great at Being so very Bad

Captain Simcoe, the best worst villain on AMC since that often sociopathic teenage ‘Todd’ from Breaking Bad.

Roukin (for whom plays Simcoe) also has a cool sort of perspective on the dance that historical fact, character, and fiction have to coexist with; especially  when adapting for both the small screen, & for the sake of an overall unifying story arc. One my favorite dramas this summer besides, Game of Thrones and SundanceTV’s Cleverman.

AMC Turn’s Bad Man…