Carmelo Valone’s Top ten lists for 2008:

Carmelo Valone’s Top ten lists for 2008:

Top ten films so far:

1. Milk (Best Actor/Picture pick)
2. Rachel getting Married (Best actress/screenplay pick)
3. Vicki Cristina Barcelona (Best supporting actress for Cruz pick)
4. The Wackness/Choke
5. Tell No One (French)(Best screenplay/foreign pick)
6. Son of Rambow (Uk)(Best screenplay pick)
7. Boy A (Uk)
8. Mongol (Mongolian)(Best Foreign pick)
9. The Dark Knight (Best Supporting actor for Ledger pick)
10. In Bruges (Uk)(Best Screenplay/supporting actor for Gleason pick)
11. The Vistor (This gets an honorable mention..possible best screenplay)

Why not Frost/Nixon? Even I am sick of political themed films and or stories. Give us a Presidential break.

Why not Synecdoche, New York? I am just sick of Charlie Kaufman’s similar story lines, i.e. internal dialogue comes to life. I don’t need to watch a film about low self-esteem to understand it. I was some how blessed with that ‘wonderful’ insight already. I have not seen it yet, but will try to give it a shot.

Unseen predictions:
I have not yet seen Benjamin Button, Revolutionary Road, Slumdog Millionaire, Doubt,
and or The Wrestler but I expect great things from these films to join the ranks and win tons of awards.

Personally I have been waiting for Benjamin Button for a few years now. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button written by F Scott Fitzgerald, is incidentally my favorite short story by him.
I also think that David Fincher was ripped off for his lack of recognition for 2007’s brilliantly made Zodiac. Fincher’s last win was for the film Se7en. Maybe, this might be his year for another Oscar.

Television shows that might win and or are just great:

1. Dexter –The best show ever created.
2. True Blood-The best show about Vampires and or life on HBO in years.
3. Brotherhood-The family gets some bigger balls? How is that possible? It is.
4. Calfornication-Hank gets better with time. Personal growth? How about that.
5. Monk/Psyche –These shows you can depend on.
6. Life &Times of Tim –It’s the new Seinfeld.
7. Crash-Dennis Hopper’s great comeback.
8. Sons of Anarchy –This show is hit or miss episode-wise.
9. Damages-The best show not on TV.(January 2009!)

My own personal top ten movies about LA that never get any props or play anymore:

1. “Night watch” -Ewan Mcgregor when he did indie films.

2. “Big Lebowski”-The Dude- okay everyone loves it, and there’s good reason.

3. “Collateral” -LA is beautiful at night and finally someone captured it.

4. “The Black Dahlia” -A modern classic/mystery tale

5. The Original “Little Shop of Horrors” -Just to see Skid Row how it used to be-somewhat classy, yet still poor.

6. “The Sweet Smell of Success” -The pre-cursor to “La Confidential”. It’s shot in NYC but we all know its about LA.

7. “Born in East La”-An El Classico.

8. “The Salton Sea”-The tweeker has risen and fallen all in 2 hours. A great film. Val Kilmer was at the top of his game here.

9. “Magnolia” and “Crash”–Both are pretty mainstream but still pretty amazing.

10. “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” –I see this story everyday.