9/11- New thinking needed…..

Let us try to remember Everyone who has suffered due to this date 9/11/09-not just those World Trade Center Victims but the millions more that were affected too…..

Those parties as always do include: the victims of the WTC, firefighters, the police, and volunteer rescue workers of the World Trade Center of course….but this year lets try and remember EVERYONE effected by the events on this day.
That list of the directly affected would also include:

1. The US, UK, and foreign soldiers that were lied to about WMDs and have had to suffer and or perish due to Bush’s ‘misinformation’ i.e. the great big Bush lie.

2. Let us not forget the nearly 1 million innocent women and children of Iraq and Afghanistan than that have been relentlessly bombed and shot and killed on a daily basis since Bush’s “War on Terror” or “War of Terror” began.

3. Let us not forget those innocent Arab Americans and Muslims that were victims of senseless hate crimes committed racist “Patriots”, fed by the war of hate.

4. Finally, those who were racially profiled and held without just cause, other than a skin color….and then held in the notoriously terrifying Guantanamo bay…treated guilty until proven innocent.

If this is, in fact, our real ‘time for change’ I ask you to change not just your actions but the way you think about things and remember…..because those who don’t remember the ‘real past’ or ‘real history’ are destined to repeat it again and again.