A dead Christmas tree is still a dead tree.

It’s rather funny what we do to the world. Not funny haha but funny ironic. A few weeks ago there was a terrible wind storm. As a result nearly million people were without power and thousands of amazing, old and dare I say wise trees fell to their untimely deaths.

All we could was say, “It’s such a shame so many dead trees.”

(Griffith Park 12/11)

Now a few weeks later in places like NYC, Washington DC and my home of LA we kill trees on purpose. We kill the same amazing, old and dare I say wise, defenseless trees all in the name of holiday decorating? Pine trees taller than 75 feet and nearly 100 years old, killed just because.

(NYC 12/11)

In this case we are the real shame; this species we call human beings. I may sound harsh but killing so many trees when one doesn’t have to out of need or necessity is harsh and it is cruel.

Consider an alternative to killing a tree. Consider something new, something alive that can be replanted or consider dedicating a tree with these guys instead:

Tree People