Tibet , Genocide, and the Human Race as a Whole

I will note that my strong personal feelings about Tibet came to rise when I lived in Boston. I was, at the time, friends with several Tibetan refugees. It’s so much different to hear about the horrors that happen in far off countries second hand through the news and magazines, but when those horrors happen to people you know and care about it all feels much more real and concrete.

Either way, it’s not something human beings should tolerate happeningĀ to this human race which we all must continue to live within. My point is that the human race’s main problem is that, in fact, people don’t care enough to think that it is their duty to care for their fellow people. But if you take a look in all of nature, there are entire species that follow the laws of caring for their own. This is why there are entire species of animals, plants, and marine life that have been around much, much longer than the human race.

People often say to me that I am “such a good-hearted human being”, when in fact I am not. I am just doing what all humans should do: care about each other and help each other survive. It is that basic human principle of selfishness that might be the downfall of us all. I might just have some hope though, that somewhere on this planet there are others that feel the same way. Evolution means much more than just talking and walking.

Think about it, as I step down from my soap box.