Radio Transmissions -Today’s thought of the day on creativity and the self.

Some days my creativity or creations seem like radio frequency transmissions that I am able to pick up and translate into something so very valid and real. On other days I just pick up those same transmissions and retransmit and or translate them again, but I don’t really know or understand the true nature or meaning of what I have created or recreated from those mysterious airwaves, and that’s okay.

This mystery of art sometimes still should be a mystery to all of us-that’s where the creative part steps in. Perhaps it might make one wonder and create something completely new and original from an afterthought or off shoot.

Life and art are a lifelong experiment I’m still the subject of, among other experiments that I won’t get into. This world we live in is lacking in radio receivers, or at least it feels that way-so try to give a listen to your inner radio transmission and turn it into something great or small.
Have a nice Sunday night. Take a walk or something.