Deeper Reflections on Love for Obama

I originally had written this before on November 4th. I was going to publish it regardless if Barack Obama had won or not. But I waited. I wanted my ideas to grow much like the hopefulness that has grown in the land we live in.

Barack Obama has simply worked hard his whole life.
Part of me hates the fact that he has worked so hard to be where he is. I hate the fact that he has put so much effort into being the man we now look to for answers. I have faith that he will lead us out of the darkness; he is obviously not lazy.

This country and Americans as a whole have become lazy. Obama, since first stepping into public office, is the first one out the door in the early dawn’s light.  At night I picture him as the last one to sleep. This is what I hate about Obama-that he, in affect, is the American Dream. Why can’t everyone be that American dream? Why can’t more people have that drive to pick up and read books, and shut off their TV’s? Why can’t more Americans take the literal proof i.e. the failed war in Iraq and the failed economy as the evidence that we all need to do something?  Then we, as the people of every state, could whole-heartedly have the common sense to call for a brand new smart and human leader. Why can’t more Americans just have the damn common sense to know better?  Because America is sick and tired, but mostly tired, and has given up.
Fortunately for all of us there are more people coming out of the woodwork to say and do and be like Obama.

If I sat down and analyzed how many Americans woke up everyday and said, “I’d like to take this mess of a country and world and make sense of it,”…or…“I’d like to take control of my own life and environment, and do what I can do to help make my fellow man live in a better world,” it would be a lower common denominator than the numbers that plague our failing stock markets.  Most of the general population just don’t try to do much more than the bare minimum of what is expected.  The words “Don’t Try” are a reference to one of my favorite authors, Charles Bukowski. His gravestone epitaph say those exact two words.  Most people don’t try. They just sit on their computers, listen to their ipods and wait for it all to end so they can complain some more.  Not Barack Obama. He would never do such a thing in this race to become, and be, the human race that I feel we all must try to move forward into. There is a larger scale social and mental evolution that is needed before we are all destroyed.

So do I hate Obama? No, I love him more right now more than I could love any other human being, because he is not only a highly evolved person, but also a politician-this is the rarest of our human species in North America. My love and admiration for him grows because Obama is true and genuine. Also because he actually did it: He put down his television remote, and tried and tried without giving up.  He took a few lemons and made an entire grove, and then made a new brand of lemonade for all of us to drink down easily like so much cheap beer on tap at the local bar.  I also resent the fact that it has taken all of us so long to get to where we are today.  We had to nearly drown in order to learn how to swim.

Why aren’t there more leaders of his caliber, let alone people working in the factories, halls, and corporations of America who have those same ideals?  Those moral and historical lessons that we were all taught in our high-school history classes?  Lessons we all forgot and or put away until trivial pursuit game night.  My lesson today is that America is a sick dog. The bigger question is will the upcoming four years of being adopted by a loving and smart family help erase the pain of having such an abusive past owner?  Time will tell, and faith might help along the way.

I am certainly not Barack Obama, but I have always held myself in my own light of hope for a better future. In my opinion it all goes beyond just reading his philosophies and ideals in some hip newspaper or magazine. If I hear a song on the radio that gives me hope or a speech that makes me smile…..did that smile exist before or without the inspiration? Yes, it did, but perhaps Barack Obama was that sleeping giant that made it all come to fruition.

The Humpback whale is a great example of evolution and living. Those whales that migrate thousands of miles from Antarctica to the sub-tropical coastal waters of western and eastern Australia and Fiji aren‘t going on vacation. They make the journey periodically to give birth and mate during winter and spring. Those creatures didn’t need a speech to get that inspiration to live on, reproduce, and make their race survive, they just do it to this day because they exist and know that it is their duty in order to propagate their own species.

We need to instill these ideals to exist within every man, woman and child. We need to find it everyday that we live, die, and love. We are the whales that we used to hunt and kill. We are the dying breed that must naturally find more and more hope, and  invent, create, and recreate a brave, hope-filled new world.  It isn’t just Obama’s job to save us, we must save ourselves.  So, in closing, do I hate Barack Obama really?  You tell me..perhaps I don’t hate him after all.  Maybe I just resent him a little like most people do.  Again I say because he has made it so easy for all of us who choose to listen, to find the light at the end of the tunnel. You know that tunnel-the one we all thought would just end in blackness and ultimately in the death of another sad, failed, Democratic country.

Perhaps sometimes when I reflect on my porch by myself about my father and my troubles growing up, I see that same troubling part that was Barack Obama’s life as well. After all, there was a whole generation of us that grew up as latch key kids with absent fathers and or mothers, wondering what will happen when we all finally grow up?  Who will lead us?  Can we lead ourselves without using our own hidden agendas to hinder ourselves? I think you know the answer to this question: Yes we can, after all.

Finally, I have realized that you and I aren’t so different either.  Perhaps I figured out and thought about the other true nature of my resentment towards our new president.  Maybe I have finally realized the fact that I have resented Obama is because it could have been me or you on that stage saying those words, “I am proud to accept the nomination for President of the United States”.
If only you or I had found that hope in ourselves so long ago. We all got too accustomed to our presidents being oil barons, billionaires, and war mongers. We had quite possibly forgotten that being the president of the United States is a position that every American has the right to become. We had preemptively erased that as a part of that American dream that this country was founded on.

In closing, let’s all start to become our own hope and listen to Obama’s words, because they are all our words too.  Hope is a four letter word, but not all four letter words are so bad after all.