Rest Peacefully Dennis Lee Hopper

From May 17, 1936 – May 29, 2010 the world was graced with your presence.

I am was and always will be a huge Dennis Hopper fan. I have seen every one of his films, TV shows and loved his art and photography. I really did love his photography (from the 60s era to now) secondary to his film work. Hopper inspired where others in Hollywood and entertainment didn’t. He always went beyond the norm, and took roles beyond what most actors of his caliber would do. From his smaller roles in “Rebel without a Cause”, “Giant”, “The Twilight Zone”, “Indian Runner”, “Jesus’ Son” and more to his larger roles in the TV series “Crash”, “Blue Velvet”, “The Last days of Frankie the Fly”, “True Romance”, “Swing Vote” and beyond…he will forever be missed.

A few other films he really shined in were “Hoosiers” and “Out of the Blue”.

Incidentally, I have a few characters in my story telling and screenwriting ventures that have been loosely based on Hopper’s life and or persona. He inspired from when I was a young teenager when I first saw his early work through today. I will admit he did pick a few really silly roles…but I think he picked them for variety and just to have fun (I am mainly referring to Space Truckers).

“Easy Rider” (By far one of the best screenplays ever written) and “Colors” were both brilliantly directed by films by him.

Sleep well, old Prince.

A brilliant photo of Paul Newman by Hopper.