Disney vs Marvel….is it now Marsney…Disvel….We will have to see…

Since I can’t escape the debate:

Somehow now I can’t picture the storyline for the new X-men movie to be that Storm gets drunk and gets “knocked up” by let’s say Wolverine; and then they both realize that she will have to “get rid of the baby” since she can’t save the world while flying around the world fighting evil as a pregnant superhero and all……the old saying goes sacrificing one life to save a million. This, of course, causes Wolverine to go on a drug bender since he is Pro-LIFE and all….Then the superhero Storm becomes a women rights activist and then the mud really starts flying…
This is just one of many wonderful ideas for Marvel films based on superheroes…( insert an almost guilty sort of ha-ha here)…that will never be made-now that family oriented conservative Disney owns Marvel.

I am kidding in case you can’t tell…and given while there is nothing funny about abortion….I am just trying to make a few points about what I call “taboo topics” in film. They are allowed, all sides and choices to boycott any story based on content is just not what filmmaking and or art is about. It’s just my final opinion that it’s going to take some work for Disney to be able make watchable films with adult natures, themes, and stories with actual violence, drugs and or sex.

We will have to just watch and see what happens as it all unfolds…but either way we must always keep our freedom of speech alive.

Please note:
Where I got this picture…as I never have ‘stolen art’…- Got this from a simple google search.