District 9-It’s more than meets the eye and the sky……

The summer blockbuster District 9 was a surprisingly interesting and original treat. You really have to check this film out-It’s kind of refreshing to see an original story after a summer of generic remakes. The most interesting thing….(and I am NOT giving anything away) is the treatment of ‘alien beings’; It really echoed the way Muslims and Arabs have been treated since the day after 9/11 and the words ‘Guantanamo Bay’ also pop into my head for some reason. The most obvious comparisons to the film’s treatment of aliens would obviously be to see the similarities to the way White Africans treated Black Africans during South Africa’s apartheid regime. This is obvious since it is a South African film, but still is an ingenius way of showing how inhumane we can be, and how maybe even aliens could be kinder than us….at this rate.

Check it out if you can…normally I try not to help promote films that have such a huge advertising budget…I go more for the Indy films as that’s my specialty and what I like, but this one is a real exception in many ways.