Why Giuliani is Still a Moron…..

(Taken from Yahoo News)

“She gave a great speech last night,” agreed Giuliani, who failed in his own bid to carry the Republican crown into the November 4 elections losing to John McCain.

“Why isn’t she the vice-presidential candidate? Why isn’t she the presidential candidate?,” he added, once again picking at the Democrat’s wounds while many Clinton supporters are still distraught at her defeat.

He said on Fox and Friends he had been convinced that Obama would pick Clinton as his running mate and, “I couldn’t understand why he would organize a convention to give the Clintons two nights and then diss Hillary as vice-president.”

My Take on it and him:

Why aren’t you a VP or Presidential candidate yourself, Giuliani? The answer is…because you are an immoral snake in the grass. I don’t want to write a super long blog about this bozo who only did one thing right in all of his political career: he did his job during 9/11…but honestly that’s no reason for him to run my America or my New York for that matter.

Please just go look him up and you will see all the terrible things he has done.


Or check out the eye opening documentary on our former mayor here:

Giuliani billed the great people of NYC tens of thousands of dollars, in funding for most of his affairs; (Note the plural form…there were many affairs he had aside from him marrying his second cousin, which is so very gross!) He billed the City of NYC i.e. dinners, hotels, and more…all for his own philandering.

He is the biggest supporter of, historically, the worst president the United States of America has ever had: G.W. Bush.

This is all I will say about Giuliani and his long-winded rhetoric.  Let’s not let him or figures like him ruin our Democratic National Convention.