The Real Danger of going Green

Dangers of going green? What?
You are probably siting there thinking did Carmelo watch too many documentaries, or maybe he’s become a Polar Bear hunter?
Nope. I recently started biking more often to save our planet and my own pocket from getting thinner and thinner. The end result is that I got hit by a car on my own residential street….correction, hit by an SUV. No major worries though, I was just winged and knocked down, but not out for the final count. I have just been out of commission in the physical fitness sense, unable to move run or bike :(.

Mentally, it’s not the greatest thing for one’s psyche to have that physical manifestation of the fact that hey, we all can be deleted if enough careless drivers ban together in one scary demonic car ride.  Think of the movie Transformers or go back and think of Stephen King’s Film Maximum Overdrive.

But rest assured the Decepticons didn’t get me after all.

Just one small woman in a big SUV, your standard LA stereotype.  If I had a nickel for every small or short person in LA with a big scary car, I’d be quite rich.  So no, unfortunately I will not be running in the Nike Human Run this Sunday.

The real dangers of going green in such a car-based city like Los Angeles is there are too many careless drivers and not enough bike or running paths.  It wasn’t the first time some careless driver nearly ran me off the road.  So please be aware of those people with the smiles on their faces biking and running along the side of your car.  I won’t say it again.  Just open your eyes, Los Angeles!!!

What can I do but now but eventually get back on the ole bike or dust off my running shoes and try to stay healthy in the land of fake boobs and fake health awareness.  This all was already a task to do considering I was just barely getting over my other medical condition i.e. ‘shin splints’ (caused by excessive running). Oh well, I must just try to train and forget about it, pushing forward as always.

Hopefully next time my efforts to stay “green” by not using my car will be rewarded by courteous drivers and not another trip to the ER. Thanks!