Sundance and beyond into the wild blue that is 2009……….

I will be attending the Sundance film festival this year. I expect that I might see some movies and hit the slopes for a bit. I will write a few Sundance blogs and hopefully give you all the skinny on what’s going on.
I hopefully will see Bret Easton Ellis’s new film “The Informers” with any luck at all. I dig Mr. Ellis, he’s a talented fellow.

I was very happy with the Globe winners, all nominated were very deserving of the coveted Globes. Heath Ledger deserved a Globe for his role in Brokeback Mountain but at least he got some final recognition for the talent he showed while he was with us for his final film-The Dark Knight.  Mickey Rourke for sure deserves a second time around the old Hollywood express.  My last favorite film he acted in before “The Wrestler” was his 1997 film “Bullet” which co-starred the late great 2-Pac.  Seth Rogan was a tool for saying what he said about Mickey but at least he didn’t lie.  We all need some insults every now and then, insults, they keep us human.  Although, Mickey Rourke is more human and humble these days than most of these other Hollywood folks.  I really liked how Mickey thanked his dogs.

I was happily surprised that a few other of my favorites, “Slumdog Millionare” and Colin Ferrell’s performance in “In Bruges”, won him a Globe.  Bruges is a brilliant film to say the least. “Revolutionary Road” was another film that earned tons of my respect on many levels, and I feel that all who were involved in this film deserved many awards. I did feel however that a great mentally unstable actor by the name of Micheal Shannon did steal a few scenes from the talented Leo & Kate. I have a feeling there are some great things ahead for Micheal Shannon.

Finally, I not-so-secretly wanted Anne Hathaway to win something for “Rachel Getting Married” but maybe she might just steal an Oscar away from Kate Winslet. Who knows?

We will all see very soon………………

I am sick of travelling though….I have to say. I look foward to being home and getting some new work done in the next few months…..