Bret Easton Ellis always makes me feel so much better about myself…..

After I read his new novel of course.
What do I mean?
I’ll explain:
I just finished reading Bret’s latest book-a long anticipated sequel to “Less Than Zero”. This time though, it’s all about mid-life crisis after the wasting of youth is done.
A wonderfully crafted book about absolutely horribly sad and tragic self -important people (with few exceptions).
I find myself comparing my own life/psyche to his characters and that’s when I feel better about myself. NYC can claim many great writers, but Ellis and just a handful of other brave authors are defiant enough to stray away from the literary socio mecca of NYC and call LA home.

This book is my #1 summer read and my #1 book for 2010.

Go read it. I’m not sure it could ever be made into a movie, but I’d be the first one in line for it.