Heavy Metal in Bagdad

I finally got to see the much anticipated Vice Magazine’s “Heavy Metal in Baghdad” Documentary.
Please go rent it on DVD, or even Netflix it.

Here is a direct link:

Heavy Metal bands in Iraq? It actually makes perfect sense. They have much to be pissed off about, unlike many whiny bands here in the US….and no I won’t name any names, you all know who you are, you “angry” bands, whining about nothing.

I learned many things about Iraq: how much it sucks to live in Iraq, and more so how much it sucks to be a musician in Iraq. The big fact that will shock every one is this: almost 1 million people that are dead in Iraq are civilians, and the other 2 almost 3 million are refugees from Iraq.

The USA…..yes your beloved country and mine,¬†who are considered the “Defenders of the Iraqi People” have only allowed 466 Iraqi refugees to flee to the United States to live in freedom. What is wrong with our government and or President’s conscience? I am not talking politics but where is G.W. Bush’s sense of decency? To go into a foreign land and destroy it for years on end and then say to those innocent civilians that now have no home: “I’m sorry you can’t go home, but you can’t sleep here.”

This country and Iraq need such an overhaul, it will take decades to fix. But I will do my part…and we all are ready, right?

No more bad choices….let’s all go with Obama.

I’m Carmelo and I totally approve of this message.

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