In Treatment 2010-Leave the door open or closed?

You will be missed so very much (until next season). Why is it that this show has such an incredible magnetism to me? Mostly because I’m just damn neurotic, but I have come to the conclusion that other people’s problems are much more enjoyable and interesting than my own.


And yes I am the master of the obvious. It’s nice not to have to have so much personally invested in these magical TV Land characters. In the end we all know they are just a bunch of talented actors pretending, but the humanity and humility of it all is finally so bloody endearing.

Sunil was my very very favorite and had the best story of them all. The best character on the show besides Paul aka Gabriel Byrne.

Jessie was my favorite disappointment who runs from himself.

Frances was a predictably great middle aged actress with a sister dying while still projecting sexuality. Great performance.

Adele should be Paul’s wife, but will wind up alone and naked on her apartment floor smoking cigarettes contemplating why she’s so into herself before she attempts to take her own life-but she won’t do any of this since she is pregnant.

The two best lines of dialogue:

Adele: My door will always be open to you.

Paul: That’s okay you can close it behind me.