John McCain’s Labored Day of Opportunism

Happy Labor day.

My own personal message to the people of the South and Gulf of Mexico:

My thoughts and prayers are with all of you that are lying and hiding from the wake of Hurricane Gustav. I am by no means belittling your tragedy but more echoing something larger at work: Hidden agendas.

And yes, I really mean it, I do actually care about you all, and I am not running for any type of office.

The McCain Monopoly Nazi. Screw your big money.

Hello All,

It Came to my attention that on my blog here I posted an Adsense account in which promises to help “give you extra money” in exchange for advertising space on my blog. I signed up, not fully realizing that in fact the Nazi and Bully Ad Campaign that is John McCain has been monopolizing my blog ads for a week now.

So I tried the Google adsense filter, with no luck. McCain is just a bully in all forms of the sense, so in closing no more adsense or any ads on my page at all! I don’t need to be bullied on the internet, and I refuse to give in for a few extra dollars in my pocket.

This will give you an idea of how desperate McCain is for votes.

Sad old man go away!