Larry Hagman 1931-2012

A few quick thoughts on the late great Larry Hagman:

A few years ago, Victoria had gotten the privilege to spend the night with Larry and a number of other great “Dallas,” TV stars doing his grooming & makeup at one of the TV LAND Awards shows. Since then she’s always said this to me about him: “Larry was a super sweet, funny guy, who made everyone laugh that was in the room. And he loved his big bushy eyebrows. No one was allowed near those gigantic brows…”

My own favorite works by Hagman:

“Harry & Tonto,” as Art Carney’s screw-up of a son.
“Dallas,” as Jr Ewing.
“I Dream of Genie,” as Major Anthony Nelson.

Finally: The new “Dallas” reboot, a true guilty pleasure of mine. I think we all know, even at age 80, he knocked that show right out of the park.

I think it’s safe to say Larry Hagman’s career was living proof, that it’s never too late to make a that big comeback a reality.