Homemade Vegan Pizza is worth it….

I really love making my own food. It sounds simple but it’s really not. There are many steps to homemade pizza-it’s so very much like real life. The more steps you skip the less tasty the pizza, the less compelling the life.

This whole past summer I’ve even started to make my own pizza sauce from my own home grown tomatoes.
Life, like pizza is so much better when you make it all yourself with home grown tomatoes that nearly fall off the vine.

Whether its making you’re own homemade pizza, living a good life, or even writing your own book. You can do it. Just put the work in-as I’ve learned by now there are no short cuts in life nor in pizza.

Be the pizza you wish to eat.

What would we do without Laughter?

We wouldn’t last long in my book. Tom Green-one heck of a nice funny guy. Loving his new standup material. He seems to have grown up into a more philosophical humor while retaining his childlike wonder. We should all be so lucky…

Check out his Showtime special or better yet live. Live is always best while still living….

We all live and die a little everyday……

Sometimes life just happens.

My wife if you didn’t know is a Celebrity makeup artist…and one of her very first celebrity clients, Brittany Murphy has died.
It’s a very sad day indeed. My wife was very upset when she heard the news and said that Brittany was, “the nicest, funniest and sweetest celeb” she has ever worked with.
I am actually working on a script and she would have been perfect for the part, it’s so sad. I never try to write for a specific actor but sometimes parts you write just fit certain people. It’s a Broadway themed script….that’s all I can say. I never discuss a script until it’s done.
Brittany had some of those amazing qualities and some classic Broadway skills that not many actors are born with or have.

Well, a lesson is there somewhere under the murk and tragedy. It’s an odd thing…life, screenwriting and so on.

Let’s all enjoy and create while we are here…whether it is creating: art, life, or just simple love for others.

Life happens; we all live and die a little each day.

Be well to each other no matter what.

Writing vs Life …and other notes…..

I thought I would drop a quick note to let the world know what’s going on. I have been busy writing and working on some new projects and finishing up some old projects. Someone asked me the other day about a particular project: “How long have you been writing your book?” I simply answered “My whole life”.  I mean it’s a question that can’t be answered.  In the big picture-I have been writing all of my stories my entire life. If I didn’t live the life I’ve lived, or been the places I’ve been I would not be able to perform the tasks and create the stories that I have been creating as of late.

Life is a journey and art is simply the byproduct of a lack of being able to explain how you feel in simple terms.  It is the way you get to that sweet spot-the one that helps you let go and fly off to wherever you go that lets you create.  I recently went on a road trip across the Southwest and noticed that yes, there is some serious economic damage that needs to be fixed.  Where a person normally just saw 3 houses and or businesses for sale or foreclosed on I now saw 10.  I also met lots of people who didn’t exactly have it great but didn’t seem to care much.  Happiness never really has much to do with money-ask Michael Jackson or Britney Spears.

I have also noticed that lately on the radio and on TV there are these neo conservatives that keep complaining about Barack Obama and his bailout plans and how ‘he’s never going to fix this mess’.  Well, neo-con, if you voted for GW Bush twice (yes not once but twice) you really don’t have any right to complain about the state of America’s affairs as you pseudo-patriotic eggheads did it to all of us-screwing us by just voting Bush into office. So my advice for you conservatives is for you all to try and relax and survive and let Barack Obama do his job.  The level of bipartisanship in this country has risen a tiny bit thanks to Obama . I have also noticed that we have these evangelicals and ultra conservatives that seem to want to bring back segregation, war, and more…Now most of these idiots sound more like ’communists’ than our new president, about whom most of them complain and call a Communist and or worse.
I ask that you all let go of all your fear.  There’s something else besides your fear of the unknown coming right now-well actually it’s already here-change, change, and more change.  I hope you all stick around despite whatever your party may be, or whatever your sick desire may be:  hunting little innocent birds, verbally attacking our President, or whatever urge you hold dear and true that just sounds wrong or stupid. Whatever that may be, don’t be too afraid to miss the ride.
Anyways, politics aside I was trying to tell you all what I have been up to-it’s a little thing called life.  I always get my best story ideas when I take the time to jump on the road and get out of myself and my surroundings. I have been living in Los Angeles for a good ten years now.  At times the city can be more reality than one could ever want or handle, and at other times it might just seem too surreal or unreal to accept.  But I have always accepted that LA is my home-the most beautiful, hopeful, sad, fun, intelligent and pretty city in the world.

As a writer I have never made much headway just writing.  Living life fully has always been that fuel that most all writers like me need in order to grow and find deeper levels of creativity.  I often say you can either be a writer who lived life fully like Hemingway, or stay trapped inside the walls of a classroom or keep your nose buried in the latest top ten novel.  I am not saying a good education isn’t just what everyone or every good writer needs, but don’t ever forget to live too.  Life can be the best education, and education can wind up being the best life too.

What do I know? We all have our own path to follow.

Have a good trip-journey and or dream.

Always jump on to the nearest train…you never know where it might take you…..

I Saw Jamie Kennedy’s Homies and they aren’t that tough…..

I am joking of course, and I was just referring to Jamie Kennedy’s movie, “Malibu’s Most Wanted”-a movie about rich kids acting like “gangstas”.

The other day in Beverly Hills, I was ‘almost messed with’ by some Beverly Hills High school ‘gangstas’. (I know this from their BH High-school shirts they were wearing.)
‘They walked right in front of my car blocking me for a few moments, then stared me down like we were old cell mates in Chino State Prison.  Are you kidding me?   Lucky my old street instincts didn’t kick in, and I didn’t jump out and get crazy on them.  Instead, of course, I just chuckled it off..until I really thought about it later that night.

It was almost amusing to see these stereotypes of rich kids of many different races and ethnic backgrounds ‘playing ghetto’ and walking that proverbial walk. But then again it was kind of sad. Do these confused kids really need such a ‘wall’ up and or image to survive the mean streets of South Beverly Drive and beyond? Nope, but that’s the reality of today’s world. Image, Image, Image.

Teenagers today are just as confused as when I was one, if not even more. They are spoon fed images, ads, MTV reality shows, and other pop influences that all probably make them think they have to act a certain way or other kids will laugh at them and call them ‘soft’.  Maybe now being rich isn’t that cool unless you are Paris Hilton or some other lost rich boy or girl.  I think the rich are often self-important, bad drivers, and even worse when it comes to self image.

Point #1:

Learning balance and self worth for being one’s true self is hard, whether you are rich or poor, funny or serious, or even normal or weird.

I myself grew up being ‘weird’ and around money in the wealthy suburbs of Connecticut. In my late teens I left that comfort of money and suburbia to live in a real city. In the end I wound up hanging out in some of the toughest neighborhoods in Boston. But tough is all relative depending on whether you know those people in your ‘hood’.  I won’t bore you with stories about the gangstas’ I used to know.  That’s not today’s story.  I will admit though, it does take time to learn to be yourself whether it’s in the mega malls of Beverly Hills or the Projects of Boston.

Point #2:

Money isn’t such a big deal.  Money might just give you a little more freedom and a little more leeway to be more impulsive, but it can’t buy you self worth.  I have had friends who were worth millions of dollars that weren’t half as happy as my broke yet happy homeless street friends.

Point #3:

Self worth is worth something that is necessary rich or not, whether you play a role or yourself.  All we really have is self-worth: so make it count. We as human beings have short lives, so please don’t waste those lives trying to be something forced and not natural.  What I’m saying is: just be.

To quote my favorite graveyard epitaph from the late great Charles Bukowski: “Don’t Try.”

It might take a while to find that self worth, as it did for me. But in the end it will be the thing that frees you more than the mighty dollar, or that even mightier than that silly-looking Gold chain.

But who really knows except you…yourself.

Peace all-