My new silly Funny or Die video….aka Dug the Dog

Okay before you watch this let me explain why I made it.

1. It was easy to make.

2. I have the world’s cutest dog.

3. I like to poke fun at the silliness of celebrity, awards shows and those douchebags (that are sometimes human)at TMZ.

4. It took me just 2hours to make via my flip camera, 1 hour to shoot and then one hour to edit and add music and render.

5. I think animals are so humble-they bring us all down a notch-no matter who you are.

I know there are some typos in the credits and I need to re-edit it down to a shorter version. Or do some editing-I literally didn’t cut one frame and just pasted it all together.

Thanks and enjoy-


PS. I hope both Disney and TMZ have senses of humor and don’t sue me after all.

My dog Mr. Benjamin Button also did a cameo of the famed Koldcast TV, Youtube webseries “Space Hospital” he can be seen in this episode here: Season 2 of Space Hosptial episode 1