Meeting Jane Doe, a true story this time.

Meet John Doe:

Meet Jane Doe:,2933,389822,00.html

So the story goes, that in this day and age, sadly, this time life does imitate art. This story says so much more than we all can encompass with a blog or article.

This story goes beyond blaming the fact that hey maybe Jane Doe, aka Carlene Balderrama from my old home state of Massachusetts, did have some deep rooted problems with depression.
She committed suicide rather than face foreclosure of her home.

The fact that I can make such a comparison to the current US economic climate/mood to a Noir film from the 1940s says so very much. This obvious Noir film comparison is based on the times of the early 1940s which was a positively depressed time of war, and I can sadly can say almost mirrors our current lives and world right now. This action was no publicity stunt; this is a woman’s life gone. Let’s all just think long and hard about what we want out of life. The American dream is no longer a house in the Hills, it might just be to me some small inkling of hope for a brighter future.

My bright future has to be a man named Barack Obama.

Thank you,