Harvey Milk day, 11/27/08

I know I am writing this a bit too late, but as Harvey would say “It’s never too late.”

See who Harvey Milk is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harvey_Milk

I can’t write a long blog about Harvey Milk, because there is too much I have to say.  My laundry list about the man, his achievements, and ideology would take too long to type out..and others have explained his life more eloquently than I. 

I will say this: Go see Gus Van Sant and Sean Penn’s new film “Milk”, and you will be surprised.  Harvey’s life almost seemed over at age 40, stuck in a closeted lifestyle and in a dead-end job in New York City. Then, a 40 year old Harvey came to have some wisdom and enlightenment and changed himself, and in time would change all that knew him.

Harvey started a movement that spans and thankfully has outlived him and many other great civil rights leaders; Leaders for Human rights that were struck down long before their day and times were up. The death of Harvey Milk was a sad end, but his life is an example of hope that far outshines those tragic final moments.
So on this day, November 27th, 2008, on the very anniversary of his assassination I will raise my glass and my heart to you, Harvey Milk.  May you inspire many more generations to come: Black, Latino, Arab, Jewish, Asian, gay, straight, transgender, bisexual, and more.  We are all just simple hearts beating under flesh and bone, but there is nothing so simple about us.  We are the human race and we all deserve to be treated as just that-with equality, virtue and love.

Harvey never gave up, and we shouldn’t either. Dignity is not a dirty word, it’s just a right we all should have been born with. Finally, in time I hope you all will see in this lifetime that the words “Gay Marriage” are not dirty words either.



Ps. Please look at this while you are reading:


2008 Legislation

AB 2567 | Harvey Milk Day
This bill would require the governor proclaim May 22 each year as Harvey Milk Day. It would encourage public schools and educational institutions to conduct suitable commemorative exercises on that date.

Status: Introduced on February 22, 2008. Passed Assembly with a 45-23 vote. Passed Senate with a 22-13 vote. Vetoed by Governor Schwarzenegger on September 30.

Lead Author: Assembly member Mark Leno

Sponsor: EQCA

Co-Authors: Senators Kehoe, Kuehl and Migden; Assembly member Laird and Speaker Núñez

Note who vetoed this bill..our fearful leader of California.