What does this blind Bald Eagle symbolize?

I met this fully grown bald eagle and yes he’s blind. It turns out this eagle and a few others were blinded by DDT poison and also by hunting arrows that were shot at them. Both situations were manmade which says so much about our society as a whole (i.e. we are flawed and or assholes for letting this happen…)

Here is a raccoon that was mistaken for abandoned by some stupid people that went and took him from his family while his parents were gone, foraging for food. Now he’s is so ‘human imprinted’ that there is no way he would survive in the wild.

Here is an owl who was also blinded by man made pestisides.

Here are more blind eagles. I also saw a 3 legged black bear.

Thank goodness for the Moonridge Wild Animal Rescue Zoo. They do the important work that needs to be done to help these creatures we have in-effect maimed and or human imprinted. There are hundreds of these animals at this park that need our help.

Please support it here and or learn more about what the great people at Moonridge do and learn how you can support it….

Here: The Moonridge Zoo