The Premiere & the Q & A of NBC’s new show "Community"

I just got back from the premiere party and Q & A the new NBC show “Community”….and my lungs hurt from laughing. Seriously…Joel McHale, Chevy Chase….and the rest of the gang…..the whole cast was great on camera and great in the Q & A.

I don’t want to give anything away…except please check it out. The actual show was mostly shot at my old Alma mater Los Angeles City College…and let me tell you….all those stereotypes that exist on the TV show really do exist in City College! The show also did feel very much like a modern version of the movie “The Breakfast Club”. It was just nice to see a new sitcom in which the entire cast was funny…and it wasn’t just one main ‘funny character’ that everyone else was made and or forced to bounce off of.
When you watch this show you will notice it’s a collective sort of funny not just a one man show…but don’t get it wrong Joel McHale…is the star of the show and is amazing.

Enjoy the show on NBC on 9/17/09 at 9:30pm