Heavy Metal in Bagdad

I finally got to see the much anticipated Vice Magazine’s “Heavy Metal in Baghdad” Documentary.
Please go rent it on DVD, or even Netflix it.

Here is a direct link:

Heavy Metal bands in Iraq? It actually makes perfect sense. They have much to be pissed off about, unlike many whiny bands here in the US….and no I won’t name any names, you all know who you are, you “angry” bands, whining about nothing.

I learned many things about Iraq: how much it sucks to live in Iraq, and more so how much it sucks to be a musician in Iraq. The big fact that will shock every one is this: almost 1 million people that are dead in Iraq are civilians, and the other 2 almost 3 million are refugees from Iraq.

The USA…..yes your beloved country and mine, who are considered the “Defenders of the Iraqi People” have only allowed 466 Iraqi refugees to flee to the United States to live in freedom. What is wrong with our government and or President’s conscience? I am not talking politics but where is G.W. Bush’s sense of decency? To go into a foreign land and destroy it for years on end and then say to those innocent civilians that now have no home: “I’m sorry you can’t go home, but you can’t sleep here.”

This country and Iraq need such an overhaul, it will take decades to fix. But I will do my part…and we all are ready, right?

No more bad choices….let’s all go with Obama.

I’m Carmelo and I totally approve of this message.

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My response to the "Celebrity" Smear Remarks

Following a nine-day, eight-country tour that carried the ambition and stagecraft of a presidential state visit, Obama has found himself in an unusual position: the butt of jokes.

Jon Stewart teased that the presumptive Democratic nominee traveled to Israel to visit his birthplace at Bethlehem’s Manger Square. New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd amplified the McCain campaign’s private nickname for Obama (“The One”).  And the snickers about Obama’s perceived smugness may have a very real political impact as McCain’s camp launched its most forceful effort yet to define him negatively. ?They released a TV ad Wednesday describing Obama as the “biggest celebrity in the world,” comparable to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, stars who are famous for attitude rather than accomplishments. The harsher treatment from comedians and columnists — coupled with the shift by McCain from attacking on policy to character issues — underscores the fine line that Obama is walking between confident and cocky. Once at pains to present himself as presidential, Obama now faces criticism for doing it too well.

“I was puzzled by this notion that somehow what we were doing was in any way different from what Sen. McCain or a lot of presidential candidates have done in the past,” Obama said Sunday, speaking about his trip at a conference of minority journalists. “Now, I admit we did it really well. But that shouldn’t be a strike against me.”

Obama and his supporters dismissed the line of attack as the latest desperate missive from a foundering Republican campaign. Bloggers at the Huffington Post launched a backlash to the backlash against Obama’s overseas trip, arguing in part that he wouldn’t face such criticism of acting premature if he were white. Separately, the Obama campaign pushed back hard at journalists who used a report that detailed Obama’s move to assemble a transition team to describe him as presumptuous by pointing to an interview in which McCain had owned up to the same thing.

My Personal Response to all of this:

Obama has something going for him that McCain can’t grasp…..it’s called “Diplomacy…and tact.” The fact that Obama knows how to talk to people and listen is not a crime at all.  In Fact, maybe Old Man Winter aka McCain should just take a few lessons from my man Obama. Obama actually gets along with everyone, and knows how to make the world a better place, as opposed to McCain who just wants to continue the Bush legacy of tyranny and bad leadership. And honestly….no one likes McCain..if you don’t believe me, go check the polls, kids.

Also if you think that John McCain is some human rights activist all of a sudden because he met with the Dali Llama? The Dahlia Llama will and ‘has to’ meet with anyone who really desires to meet him. What is Dali’s reasoning behind this? He’s the freaking Dali Llama and he refuses to judge any human being based on personal or political reasons. He’s even willing to meet with his enemies.

McCain should try to focus on actually saying something as opposed to overseeing grocery store spills, and being a general baboon.

Oh wait…no, I mean Buffoon.

I actually I like baboons.

Also, if you go to McCain’s website and look up what his supporters said about his visit with the Dali…..it’s almost downright racist. Calling him all sorts of degrading ‘nicknames’ like he’s some pet puppy.  He is considered a holy man, not some ex-war veteran that married some gnarly trophy wife, pill popping beer Barroness.