Don’t Let the Bastards Win…..

If the “public option” for healthcare doesn’t sound good to anyone, try being friends with someone who lives in this country that has Cancer and no insurance. You can’t imagine how frustrating it was to watch someone I cared about get treated for Cancer then have to move into a shelter as he lost his job and his home…etc. People die everyday in America from this lack of affordable care.

Unless you want to let Darwinism (survival of the richest/fittest/most healthy) rule American life, then opposing a “public option” is half-assed and it sounds like White Middle America, Medical corporations, and Pharmacy corporations are just being spoiled complainers who have insurance already. I have not heard one complaint about this public plan from one single uninsured person.

Again, it’s the three big groups: White Middle America, Medical Corporations/Insurance companies, and Pharmaceutical corporations who are going against the grain of everyone deserving healthcare. These are the groups who, if you read your history properly, have had it easy since the 1800s, and they would rather damn people to hell than help anyone who might need this change. They would deprive people of good insurance even if it means their care would not be affected at all. They are behind the viral campaigns, financing the anti-insurance lobbyists’ plans, and finally as we can all imagine, greasing the pockets of those Senators that oppose the president’s plan.

So if you really oppose the plan, I want you to think hard about these things, my friend who had Cancer and became homeless and more….and then decide again.

We all deserve a shot at life right? Isn’t this America right? More importantly….this the world we all get a chance to live in it-I hope.