Embrace of the Serpent: mini-extended film thoughts..

In memory of my father’s birthday, I went and saw a film:12829366_10154039583436018_2436232220876019338_oabout indigenous people-a topic for which he was quite passionate about; and of course it also related to ‪#‎StPatricksDay‬ in relation to the Irish people and how they were treated by the Brits. Now, if I were to start a religion and or cult, it would have to be based on this transcendent-magical film.

If you believe in anything, believe in the power of ‪#‎embraceoftheserpent‬, as it’s probably the greatest direct depiction of the immediate after effects of exploitation of Natives, and the commodification of our natural resources. This film is so very different from others as it’s more so based on the indigenous people rather than any white person’s reaction to said indigenous culture. This story is exactly what colonialism has done to all indigenous people on nearly every country, but the fact of it being an Amazonian story just makes it that much more powerful. I have no idea how or why it didn’t win an ‪#‎oscar‬ other than ‪#‎oscarssowhite‬.

Incidentally, it is the first narrative film to have been shot in the Colombian Amazon in 30years. It’s so far beyond beauty, and nearly beyond film; going on to become something else entirely.