Party Blog for Sundance =Opening weekend-

DJ AM- killed the sets at the AXE parties every night!  I think everyone appreciated my old school “Iron Maiden” t-shirt.

Tao- was great old school hip hop-rap!

The Kenneth Cole- HBO party was crazy tight- tons of A-listers all over.  We froze outside for a bit with one of the folks from Showtime’s “The Tudors”.  A nice fellow.

The Hollywood Life Magazine parties were great fun- good djs all the time, Saturday night they had the Hard Rock Vegas -after-hours DJ who was super awesome.

There were about 5 other clubs we hit-and I am not including daytime gifting suites-

Paris Hilton was at most all the clubs I was at.

Michael Cera was at some HLM parties.

Kevin Sorbo was everywhere in the clubs or on the streets.

The wifey’s old friend Shar Jackson was around too, who was as always a real sweetheart… (I might also add that she has one of the most well behaved teenagers I have ever met).

Too many other parties, scenes and others to write about….

Peace out all-