All of Us Should Be Like Corey Menafee

I used to be a dishwasher myself, and I have to say that ‪#‎coreymenafee‬ has officially made history as being the most profound dishwasher ever. Everyone single one of us should smash outdated, racist and or irrelevant shit more often and this world might just become a better place for all of us. Especially in a country where so many people often mistake outdated and racist bullshit (and or thinking) as being some part of being a ‘greater’ more ‘traditional’ part of our lives, history and or culture. I promise you, even if you simply replaced just one of your life’s supposed ‘traditions’ with something new and or more pertinent to yourself and or our world today, you might just find that enlightenment that you so desperately need in order to grow as a person and in order for all of us to grow as a whole.

He has since been given his job back and has been given funds via Go Fund Me.





The Neuroscience of Prejudice & Stereotyping

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In case you thought prejudice was not real…..

Here’s just one of the topics I’ve been hard at work studying and in a nutshell, “visual conditioning is very real” aka if the local news and media outlets are constantly bombarding your brain with “negative images” of either African Americans and or let’s also include Arab Americans and those who worship Islam eventually, you will develop a prejudice, so be careful and “watch what you watch.”

Be intelligent in what you ingest as a human being and as an intellectual consumer and thinker.

Seeking truth Isn’t hard to do with Sikhs

In the early 2000s, I lived right next to a corner liquor store in a different part of Silverlake than I live now. Often at the time you’d see the likes of your everyday guy or girl to the likes of Beck buying a sixer of whatever beer looked good.
It was run by a very friendly Sikh man. He and I would often chew the fat on the weekend or weekday and talk for sometimes up to an hour at time.

Then 9/11 happened. He was immediately threatened on a daily basis until people understood what being a Sikh actually was. He was forced to post a big sign in his window explaining his faith. Afterwards we had a long discussion about how sad it was that he had to deflect against the religion of Islam.

“So if I were a Muslim, would stoning my store or killing my people make anything better?” He asked.

He was a wise man as most Sikhs are.

“Hate is, hate is hate,” he added.

I had no response as he was as right as rain. Now a decade later after the terrible Wisconsin shooting-I feel the same way.

It’s a sad moment when I hear people say, “They weren’t even Muslim…”

Racism is racism-whether it’s 2001 or 2012. Whether its Islamphobia, Anti-semitism, Anti-Christianity, Anti-Atheism or even homophobia you get the picture.

We can do better America-I know we can.