Reflections on Obama winning our Presidency

After so many of my troubles, worries, and hopeful aspirations we have won. The truth is we have just begun to be on the right path to a brighter world and a new tomorrow.

My apology goes to all the folks that have put up with my years of debating, rhetoric, and blogging. Welcome to Democracy is what I say.  I won’t exactly stop being political just because our election is over, but I will breathe a little easier, and even sleep a little better now.

During this campaign I even at desperate times shouted off rooftops about my love and hate for this country we call America. Then last night there was a bright sun that came over that dark and cold horizon around 7:36 p.m. PST; a bright sun named Barack Obama.

I will recall my most powerful memory of this election.  Earlier this year I spent my 4th of July vacation in a little town called Solvang, CA. It’s right in Southern California’s Central Coast, and it’s a quaint little town.
There were no fireworks that fateful 4th of July night due to the wildfires that raged on not too far away from us; fires that ravaged the Santa Barbra Mountains.  When I talked to the sleepy wine-drinking and grape-growing residents of Solvang, we all had one thing in common-Hope. Hope for a better tomorrow via a mutual support for a man named Barack Obama.

Last night my anger, fear, and hatred for this fully grown dysfunctional government finally dissipated. Most of it all turned back into love for my country again. I once again now believe in my fellow Americans as well as my government.

My less provocative question and statement:

How many comedians will go hungry? There will be no more jokes about Bush, McCain, and redneck women who hunt defenseless animals and so on…..where will they all get their material now? What will these comedians do? They might just have to go back to the old ways, of actually creating jokes from pure creativity. Think about it, my fellow Americans. The art of story telling might just make a comeback as opposed to just commentating on life.

Thank you again everyone for tolerating my democratic blue state of mind. I will also recommend reading Barack Obama’s books. They aren’t so hard to understand, and they make his political and life journey very understandable. My own difficulties in my own life are not muted in comparison to his but very comparable. I say this because every single one of us all have what seems like at times insurmountable odds to overcome. We can all overcome just about anything, if we just don’t ever let up, and keep moving forward, forward into the sunrise.

My final thought is that a big part of me likes to think that the supporters of Barack who have passed on would have loved the way his election ended.  The shortened list would include my life long hero, Paul Newman. The other hero would have been my childhood hero, and my former high school English Teacher, Tom O’Connor.  My girlfriend’s mother died a few years ago an ardent Democrat and celebrated teacher of Civil and Human Rights.  This presidency is for them, for you…Hell, this win is for all of us.