A Response to our Latest: Saddleback Church and Other Issues…Why Obama is always on Top……

…because Senator Barack Obama will not fake it for votes.

For those of you who watched the semi-religious debate…..Okay….. let’s make that the ultra-religious Fox News debate, here is my summary of what went down:

The Candidates:

Barack Obama was, in effect, full of great answers and was poised, relaxed, and actually speaking to the Pastor. He had a great point about reducing the number of reasons for abortions. But I think that the issue of teen pregnancy will always be there no matter what year it is. Whether it’s at a church or visting our troops, Barak Obama always remains the same man. He does not try to adapt some fake persona for the occasion, like some elderly Arizona senators we know.

John McCain looked tired and semi-desperate, only addressing the crowd directly, not addressing the Pastor, which was the whole point of the meeting. He gave short, stubby answers to everything, as if life were that cut and dry. I truly believe that he had tip offs for his ‘answers’. My specific proof is that there is no way he answered the question of: “Which Supreme Court Justice would you not support?” without hearing his opposer’s view.

To me he sounded like nothing but an aging ambition; almost like that guy in High school who never got the lead role in the high school play.  He was that extra that wanted to be more.  But his own harsh truth was he was more like that AV Tech guy you always pushed around, and now he wants revenge on you. (No offense to any former AV tech types, please!)
In Closing:
I want to finally pose this last question: “What the hell is that lump on McCain’s right cheek?” He looks like he is storing food for the winter. Okay…. I will be reasonable and according to my good pal the internet: Here is the answer:


Why does John McCain’s cheek look swollen?
In: Political Office Holders [Edit]

According to Dr. Michael Hinni, senator McCain has a swelling of his left jaw due to “absence of soft tissue on the face in front of his ear (left).” Whether the swelling is related to past medical history of melanoma is unclear.
John McCain was diagnosed with melanoma (malignant skin cancer) on his cheek 5 years ago which he says has left his cheek puffy looking.
I will pose a final question to the USA: Why would we want a 71-year-old man who possibly has a fatal disease in power?  It seems like we would be asking for a national tragedy to happen on so many levels….aside from the fact that the man runs off at the mouth about the same boring Vietnam war stories as that super annoying relative you know we all have. We don’t want that, do we?

Now know this, I am not a cold or mean person and I would never wish another person harm or to get Cancer, but it does look like McCain already has Cancer. McCain would not be able to handle such a high stress, always on the go performance, and high pressure job that is being our president. Hell, I will use his own quote to my advantage: “I’d chase McCain into the gates of hell rather than let him win the 2008 election.”