"Scrooge Must Die"-A new play by The Actors Gang

Finally some who has the balls to say “Fuck Christmas?”

The new play “Scrooge Must Die” playing at the Actor’s Gang Theater in Culver City, is completely great. If you are sick and tired of cookie cutter Christmas Christianity, or all holiday-themed stories, movies, and ideals that are being shoved in all of our faces-this play was made for you.

The basis for the play is (to me anyways) is learning how Ebenezer Scrooge became the tight wad sociopath that he was-oh so long ago. This angle reminded me somewhat of the Broadway musical smash hit “Wicked”.  How did a wicked witch become wicked? Where is the real story? This feels like a real story indeed.

I won’t make this review long or drawn out but definitely go see it if you can.

Scott Harris as Scrooge is the shining, dirty, funny-yet sad star.  Chris Schultz as Bob Cratchit is also quite amazing as a hopeful man with very little to be so cheery about. The entire cast is quite talented, and though we all know the basic story, the proof of new life in this old story is in the details. Or as they say, “God is in the details”.